New haircut!

Hello, hello!

So, I woke up this morning, all abuzz and ready to take on the world! And, as I woke up, I could hear a song in my head, so I had to give in to it. I ended up downloading it from iTunes and playing it for 4 solid hours! I know, I’m a nut. Hanson’s ‘Mmmbop’ is firmly in my head now.

I went to the gym, got my hair cut and then came home and cleaned the mould from the ceiling! Yay! I used white vinegar, as per Mrs AM’s suggestion. She says that certain cleaning agents may just bleach over the mould, rather than actually get rid of it.

Got some wonderful things done today. Also, because it was Mr Prince’s day off too, I got to rope him in to vacuum the house, and to pay me for my ceiling cleaning services with lunch from Nando’s. Ahh… What a lovely day in!

Here’s a shot of my new fringe: