First post! July Bellabox!


 Welcome to my first ever blog post! As you can imagine, this blog will end up seeing a lot of changes as we go along. There will be tweaks and edits and I welcome all suggestions for making the layout more user friendly.

Today, I want to share with you my July Bella Box! I know a lot of people are familiar with this already, but for those who aren’t aware of what Bella Box is (and I wasn’t until March of this year!), it’s a monthly subscription box that delivers between 4-5 deluxe samples (read: travel size) to your doorstep. That said, some boxes have had more sachets than others, but I suppose, technically, they are still travel size.

Let’s get started!

I got:
1) LUXE city guide - Singapore! I’m actually headed there next month, so this might come in handy!

2) YU-BE moisturising skin cream - a staple in Japan and a best seller, apparently! This little tube
may come in very handy on the plane! I’ve already opened it and popped some on a dry patch of skin. Let’s see if this little baby works it’s magic!

3) La Fresh anti-ageing face cleanser - you know that point on the plane when your face feels like the minimal makeup you put on it is starting to congeal in mid-flight? Perfect for then!

4) Egyptian Magic all purpose skin cream - this little 3 ml sample will be just the thing to slap on after using the wipe!

5) Clear scalp and hair beauty therapy total nourishing care shampoo and conditioner - wow, that’s a mouthful! It’s supposed to give you hair like Miranda Kerr. I’m a little skeptical, to say the least, but I’m excited by the large amount of product I can feel in the box!

6) La Clinica rebalancing green tea and mineral water mist spray - sadly, this came with a cracked lid for the spray, but I’ve already contacted Bellabox, and I’m hoping to hear back soon! I’m excited to try something different out, but I don’t know when I’m supposed to use this! I have a bit of a thing about spraying my face when I have make up on - won’t things run? Guess I’ll find out!

7) Libra hotties heat patches - I’ve been using these packs from Daiso for ages and love them, so I’m looking to compare these and find out if they are as good, or better!

8) ModelCo cheek + lips cheek and lip tint - I’m so excited about this! Really hoping it lives up to my Benetint.

That’s it! Looking forward to trying things out, and overall, a very happy customer.