July Brisbane Box!

This post is about friendship, so if you’re a bitter, cynical, friendless person, this isn’t for you! When my friend, Miss SC, who has a brilliant blog of her own, moved to Brisbane, she wasn’t feeling terribly upbeat about it all, so, in a bid to cheer her up, I created a beauty box for her, and “signed” her up for a 6 month subscription, which is how long we’re hoping she’s needing to be there for! We’re both OBSESSED with beauty boxes, so I thought that this would be the best thing for her, and guess what? She had to be too cute and invent her own box!

This month, I received my second Brisbane Box, and loved, loved, loved it! Here’s what I got:

The Milky Bar is already gone, and the Neutrogena hand cream is my holy grail, and I’m dying to try everything else out! Thanks so much to my brilliant, wonderful and funny friend who lives a state away!

Have you had a good friend experience lately? What do you do to cheer a friend up?