Review: Garnier Hydra Bomb Eye Tissue Masks

Self care is a more important part of my weekly routine than I probably truly know. It's too easy to let the little things fall by the wayside, when things are hectic and stressful, and that's probably when you need it the most! The new Garnier Hydra Bomb Eye Tissue Masks make taking that extra time out for yourself a little more accessible, and just a little easier. 

These one-use masks are a great pick-me-up, and they are also really easy to keep on while you're finishing tasks around the house, which means that you don't have to completely stop what you're doing so that you can squeeze in some me time. Some may argue that true self care means just stopping for a bit, but for those who are really hard up for a spare moment, this is handy (because you can be hands off)!

There are two masks - the under eye mask is infused with orange juice and hyaluronic acid, a combination that is meant to brighten while hydrating the sensitive area under the eyes. This retails for $3.99, and my skin feels smoother right after it's use. It's a good one for cooling the puffy bags while using the computer, and it also feels like there's more material to it, covering a wider area, than regular under eye masks.

The second mask that they released recently is the Hydra Bomb Eye Tissue Mask with Coconut Water and Hyaluronic Acid. This one is designed to hydrate the skin while firming it. I love that this one is like a superhero mask, so for those with kids, this mask could pull double duty, and your children will think it's cool (rather than serial murderer scary for the full face masks!), and you could seriously get away with wearing this for longer than stated on the back of the packet. I can't speak to the firming qualities, but I do like that it's really hydrating. This also retails for $3.99, and bot of them can be found at retailers like Priceline.

I liked these two so much that I have a spare duo as back up already! And if they're worth placing on my repurchase list, then they should be on your must try list.

What kind of mask do you prefer? Have you tried any of the Garnier masks?

*These products were provided for editorial consideration