Review: Bourjois Delice De Poudre Highlighting Palette

The Easter holidays are looming, and if you have plans, like me, then those plans may also include ingesting a substantial amount of food, and more specifically, chocolate. Now, people are starting to get more health conscious, and therefore, there is always a chance that the chocolate bunny you've been eyeing up may not be appropriate as a present for that friend you have in mind. That said, there may now be an alternative to that in the form of this gorgeous palette.

The new Delice de Poudre Highlighting Palette will have you shielding your eyes from the overwhelming shine that hits you from the moment you open the packaging. The four cocoa-infused powders will give your skin that delicious, warm, kissed by the sun glow.

There are three highlighters in the kit, Sucre d'Orge, Delice Praline and Dark Chocolate, designed to suit a range of skin tones, from light to dark. For that final cherry on the cake to top it off, Cerise sur le Gateau (which actually does translate to cherry on the cake!) will have you blushing like a teenager meeting her crush for the first time. 

These don't smell too chocolatey, so as to trigger a chocolate craving, but rather, it's light, and almost floral. I love how easy it is to dust the highlighters on, and the glow is just beautiful. I also love that the blush suits my skin tone really nicely. For $30, this is a beautiful kit to add to your collection. I've consistently loved the Bourjois cheek products ever since I was introduced to it as a teenager by my sister, and I'm so happy to report that this is like a whole other level of awesome when it comes to their cheek goodies!

Get excited, because this will be hitting Priceline stores on the 1st of May, so get your money ready and run to the stores on that day!

Will you be adding this palette to your makeup bag? Are you a highlight addict like me?

*This product was provided for editorial consideration