New Release: DB Cosmetics Eye Love It Palettes, Mist Me Setting Sprays, Melodrama Brush Set

DB Cosmetics is hands down one of the most underrated, and unexpectedly wonderful, budget friendly brands on the market. I'll be honest and say that the biggest issue with the brand is that this isn't quite as easy to find in store as I'd like, particularly when it comes to swatching and testing goodies before buying them, but the online counterpart is more than sufficient at fulfilling my shopping needs. So, get ready to spend some money, because you're gonna want to by the end of this post.
I was sent two of their new palettes, a set of brushes and their 4 new setting sprays, and what I've tried so far prompted me to hop on and write this post, because, spoiler alert, you're gonna want to try them!

Let's start with the Eye Love It palettes! These two palettes are chocolate scented, and much like the paletted I've tried from them in the last couple of years, these are quite pigmented. I've been using the nude-type palette as a daily kit for my work face, and the other palette has been trotted out when I've been looking to add a bit of oomph to my look. Blending is quite easy, particularly with the shimmer shades. These retail for $17.99 each.

I love that they have released 4 different setting sprays: 
  • White Gold (shimmer particles in the bottle for that glow)
  • Rose Gold ( also has shimmer particles in the bottle for that glow)
  • Petal Power (rose scented)
  • Coconut Dreams (coconut scented)

These retail for $14.99, and I've been alternating between the Rose Gold and Petal Power. I love that Rose Gold adds a bit of a glow to the skin, but both of them are hydrating, and helpful for a bit of a post work spritz before kicking on with the night. 

New brushes are always welcome in this house, because I love them! I will confess that I haven't tried this set yet, mostly because I love new brushes, and I can't quite bring myself to test drive them, because they won't be new anymore - I know, such a weird quirk! At $29.99, it's hard to go too wrong with them, and it's only about $3 per brush, which makes it so affordable!

You'll find all the new and awesome over here on their website. Do you see anything you'd be keen to purchase? What's your favourite thing from DB Cosmetics?

*These products were provided for editorial consideration