New Release and Review: Batiste in Damage Control, Volume, De-Frizz and Hydrate

Batiste has 4 new releases up their sleeve, and honestly, I don't think I have loved a dry shampoo as much as what I've been indulging in since I managed to get my hands on one of these. These dry shampoos are seriously revolutionary, and I get the feeling they'll be flying off the shelves very soon!

Here's the skinny on the four newbies on the block - designed to target four different issues, these can be used together, or separately.

The packaging is that of an aerosol, but they don't pack quite the heavy spritz that you'd be used to with your classic Batiste cans. These still have a powerful spray with a decent dispersal range, and the best part? They don't leave a super white residue that you'd need to brush out furiously! How amazing does it already sound? To top it off, these are seriously lightweight and don't clump your strands. They all have a clear cap that is easy to remove, and each bottle is printed with symbols that correspond to what they target.

So, what exactly do they target for? These look after:

  • Damage Control - appropriate for weak/damaged hair. Meant to strengthen with keratin while refreshing hair and protecting against heat styling and over processing.
  • Volume - appropriate for flat/fine/limp hair. Meant to texturise with collagen, while refreshing hair, adding volume and body. 
  • De-Frizz - appropriate for frizzy/fly-away hair. Meant to refresh while smoothing out frizz with the use of coconut. 
  • Hydrate - appropriate for normal/dry hair. Meant to refresh the hair without drying it out, with the assistance of their avocado formula.

My pick? It has to be Volume. I haven't set this down ever since I tried it out at their launch event. The beauty of all of these is that you can spritz them THROUGHOUT THE HAIR, not just the roots, in order to refresh your do. Volume is best sprayed through the roots and the rest of the hair, and this is also the one product that has a bit of a white residue to it, but it brushes out easily. I love that it doesn't leave the tresses feeling chalky or powdery. Instead, it breathes new life into flat hair, and hey presto, good as new!

They retail for $12.95 each, and guys, you need them in your life! These will be available in Priceline, and they are worth every cent!

Which would you go for? What's your hair issue?

*These products were provided for editorial consideration