Review: Resibo Smoothing Face Serum

Resibo is fairly new to the country, but it has been living on my skin over the last few weeks, and I have plenty of thoughts I'd like to share about it! 

Let's chat about Resibo first - it's a Polish brand of cosmetics based on natural, carefully selected ingredients, and the products are all vegan, biodegradable and versatile, all of which really point to a respect for nature. The brand strives to combine effectiveness with safety while remaining eco-friendly. They have a total of 10 products in their range, including the Smoothing Face Serum. 

The Smoothing Face Serum comes in a glass dropper bottle that is completely clear, with a brown and slightly patterned label on it. The dropper works quite well, doling out a decent amount each time (you know how sometimes dropper bottles have dicky droppers that don't actually dispense very much? Not a problem here!), which means that you'll always get the amount that you need. This bottle contains 30 ml of product.

This serum promises to visibly firm, tighten and brighten the skin, working to restore it to stay looking fresh and smooth. It's meant to have an effect that is similar to that of using botox, and it is indicated for all skin types.

This has an oily texture, but one that is light, which means that it feels like it hydrates the skin, but it also doesn't end in an oil slick on the face, sinking into the skin in a relatively short period of time. I like the way it feels on my skin, and that it works well with my other creams and lotions. 

I can't speak for how it performs using Botox as a comparison, as I've never had that done before, but I can say that it leaves my skin with a nice glow, which I can definitely appreciate. I tend to use this one at night to help combat all the daily stressors of heaters, cold dry winds, and just general, well, stress. I like how my skin feels smoother after using it - definitely great this time of year!

This retails for $59.95 and you can find out more about Resibo over here. I love learning about new brands, and I'm glad that this one was brought to my attention! Are you a tried and tested loyal babe, or are you more into trying new and different things?

*This product was provided for editorial consideration