Review: Freezeframe Body Blur Sun Solutions

In the words of some very smart people - fake it till you make it! By that, I obviously mean that we're deep in the throes of Winter here in Sydney (which, let's face it, doesn't quite compare to that of our Northern Hemispheric friends), and the sun is a little scarce currently. As such, on occasions when we need a bit of a quick fix me up, but don't quite have the time to actually whip out the fake tan and let it sit while we get all prettied up, we need a bit of help. In steps the Freezeframe Body Blur Sun Solutions!

I'm not one of baring my legs in this weather - I'm really more a fleecy pants, flanelette top with cats on it sit around type, but on the odd occasion when I need to drag myself out of the house and look more presentable, I've been known to show a bit of leg. 

Freezeframe's Body Blur Skin Solutions has certainly stepped up to the plate recently, making such situations a little more bearable! This adds a bit of colour to my skin, making flashing a bit of flesh just a bit more palatable. This comes in a white squeezy tube with a screw cap that contains about 100 ml of product.

Think of it as a foundation for the legs - this goes on smoothly, and circular motions can help smooth it over the skin. You're meant to let it dry down, then dab it with a tissue to prevent transfer.

I've only ever worn this with dark colours, so I can't speak for it's transfer free qualities, but I can say that it does really smooth over the skin, improving the tone and appearance. I certainly would only recommend using this in the colder Winter months, because the idea that I might sweat this off could certainly be embarrassing at a public event! Thankfully, that hasn't happened yet!

For a temporary measure, this is rather decent, and works well in a pinch.

This retails for $59 and can be found at Priceline. Do you embrace your pale self in the Winter, or do you prefer to keep some colour?

*This product was provided for editorial consideration