Review: Plexforte No. 2 Bond Filler

I love being a blogger, because sometimes I get to hear about new and interesting things that I wouldn't even have heard of without being one, and then I get to share it with other people! A great example of this is Plexforte Bond Filler, just settle in and get comfy!

What does Plexforte claim to do? It's meant to increase the strength of your hair, while nourishing the strands with essential anino acids. This is meant to create new bonds between proteins to help strengthen and protect the internal structure of the hair. It's also supposed to repair the damaged hair, provide heat protection, while adding body and volume, controlling frizz, preventing split ends and preserving colour. It's even meant to have a sun filter.

This comes in 2 sizes, and I got the 15 ml version, which is neat and little, and great for taking it on the go, such as to the gym, or travelling. After washing my hair, I towel dried it, before I spritzed this through. It has a bit of a mint, coconutty type scent - a little delicious, a lot of hair food! The nozzle is nice and strong, and I placed about 10 sprays through my hair, which I thought was initially an overkill, but didn't make it clumpy or tacky, which was good.

I found this to actually give my Asian hair a boost - bigger, with some bounce. Totally the type of hair that I love! I can't speak for the split ends claims, but I am trying this out for a few weeks in the hopes that I can get my hair to look decent still, while growing, instead of raggedy and sad, as the hair is in need of a bit of trim, and I can't decide if I want to longer, or back to the lob-length right now.

This retails for $11.95, and you can find it over here! I'm definitely going to be finishing this little gem! What are you using on your hair these days?

*This product was provided for editorial consideration