Review: C Lab & Co Coffee Scrub

I seriously don't know why I'm so crazy about body scrubs, particularly coffee ones. Is it because I love the smell of coffee? The grittiness of the scrub exfoliating my skin and leaving me with fresh and silky smooth pins? I couldn't tell you, but I can tell you why I think the C Lab & Co Coffee Scrub has been perking me up in the shower recently!

A little bit about the company to begin with - this is a family owned business that is also behind brands such as Pure Paw Paw and The Goat Skincare. I never knew that, and for some reason, it does make me like the brand as a whole more. I think it boils down to the fact that they provide skincare that is reliable, good for my skin, and also a little fun! 

The C Lab & Co Coffee Scrub comes in two different flavours, and I was sent the original. It also comes in Coffee and Coconut, which I'm not sure how I feel about, given that I have natural aversion to coconut (I don't like synthetic forms - always make me think of sick, for some reason), but I wouldn't mind trying it out at least once, just for the comparison. 

This also comes in two sizes - one that is appropriate for travel (tried, tested, and absolutely true!), and one that is great for the shower caddy, but also sturdy enough for travel as needed. I like that this doesn't have an overpoweringly coffee-ish scent, but just enough to revitalise me. I also enjoy that the size of the exfoliant, or the coffee grounds, really - they give me a seriously good scrub down without irritating my skin, and I love how silky smooth it leaves me. 

I also like that it doesn't dry out the skin, nor does it cover the body in a layer of oil. This is particularly important, because I feel like companies sometimes try to overcompensate by adding too much oil to their formulations, and they actually get too scummy in the shower, or leave a film on the skin - not good (and definitely not appropriate for fake baking!).

These can be found at Priceline for $24.95 for 330 g and $9.95 for 100 g, or you can buy it via their website over here. Are you a yah or nah babe when it comes to coffee scrubs? Which brand makes your absolute favourite?

*These products were provided for editorial consideration