Review: Dermaenergy A Mean Clean Cleanser

I'm lucky in that my pores are not huge, and that my blackheads are centred around the sides of my nose, which means that as far as problem skin goes, I don't really have much to complain about. That said, sometimes the skin does look a little congested, and this is where A Mean Clean comes in.

Created by Dermaenergy, A Mean Clean is designed to energise and cleanse the skin. It's meant to lift dirt, grime and oil from the skin, leaving a beautiful complexion behind. Ideal for non-sensitive oily/acne and ageing skin, this cleanser comes in a white tube with a flip top, and it has a neat green and black label on the front. 

I picked this of the two to trial, despite not having oily/acne prone skin (I have normal, and occasionally dry, skin) as I'm not getting any younger, and I have always advocated the use of anti-ageing products from a reasonably young age. I like that this has a citrusy scent, which is meant to be of tangerine. It contains lactic acid, glycolic acid and adenosine triphosphate, all put together to for that deep cleanse. 

This is meant to be ok for use twice a day, but I found it to be too strong for me. My skin is quite hardy, but I am prone to very odd, occasional patches of eczema, which is sometimes brought on by stress, or certain allergies. When my skin wasn't irritated by any stimulants, it LOVED the cleanser. When it was sensitive due to a breach in the integrity of the skin, I found  that this further inflamed it, which is something that I have experienced on previous occasions with other cleansers as well.

When my skin loved it, it's because it seriously helped with the blackheads on my nose. My little pores felt smoother, and it refreshed my skin. It also cut out the need for an exfoliating wash! It's one that I'll be trotting out when my skin needs a good purge from the build up of all the grime due to city living. The cleanser is $44, and you can find out more about it over here

Have you tried anything from Dermaenergy before?

*These products were provided for editorial consideration