Review: Youth To The People Age Prevention Cleanser

The Youth To The People Age Prevention Cleanser has been living in the shower caddy for a couple of months, and I am finally, and happily, ready to discuss it! 
Youth To The People is made in California, and they keep things super simple. Here are the products that are in it:
1) 100% vegan ingredients (key ingredients being kale, spinach, green tea, alfalfa, vitamins A, C, E and B5, aloe vera and chamomile)
2) cold-pressed extrations
3) made in the USA
4) covered in 100% recyclable packaging

And here's what's NOT included in it:
1) parabens
2) fragrance
3) animal testing
4) sulfates
5) colour
6) phthalates

With this cleanser packed with nutrients, antioxidants and goodness, it seems like this would actually be better in the mouth than on the skin! 

This comes with a pump that you attach to the bottle - I love that this comes separately, so that it minimises the possibility of leakages! I also love that the pump is firm and delivers a good amount of product each time it is used. The product itself is pale green and while not intentionally fragranced, it smells a lot like a salad, kinda like spinach, and actually quite pleasant. I like that this doesn't actually strip the skin of oils and instead, cleanses the skin without drying it out. I'm not a big user of gel cleansers because they don't do my skin as many favours, but this one works seriously well on me. Simple skincare, for simply good skin.

This is suitable for all skin types, and it retails for $47 at 237ml at Sephora, which definitely wouldn't break the bank! 

If you're looking for a way to detox your skin (in addition to your body - New Year resolutions, anyone?), then this may be a good place to start! Have you tried any Youth To The People products before? What cleanser are you using currently?

*These products were provided for editorial consideration