Review: Rimmel Lip Art

With lip glosses coming back in vogue, I have seen a shift to more lip lacquers being on the market. Likewise, it's no surprise that we aren't just satisfied with having glossy lips anymore, but instead, we're keen to take things to the next level, and that's where lip toppers, like the Rimmel Lip Art top coats come in!

These babies come in a total of three shades, Pearlescent (silver), Gold and Blush Gold. These allow the combination of using their Stay Matte lip range as the base with the lip topper of your choice to create a shimmery, holographic effect.  

For those in need of a bit of help with colour combinations, I have a handy little guide, courtesy of their PR team:
  1. Pearlescent - Pitch Black, Pink Blink, Plum This Show, Heart Beat Pink, Shadow, Midnight, Blue Iris
  2. Gold - Pitch Black, Plum This Show, Shadow, Heart Beat Pink, Midnight, Fire Starter Red
  3. Blush Gold - Pink Blink, Plum This Show, Heart Beat Pink, Fire Starter Red, Mocha
I have tried a few of these combinations, and I love Mocha with Blush Gold, because it's so bright and fun for Summer, and Blue Iris with Pearlescent is my favourite badass, kickass tough babe combination!

My advice is to allow the Stay Matte shades to completely dry down (test it with your fingers) before applying the Lip Art colour, because you might accidentally lift part of the colour off if you're not careful. While these are a little sticky, as you'd expect from glosses, these give such a beautiful shimmer (Blush Gold, I'm looking at you!) that I just can't look away. 

Retailing for $14.95 each, these can be found where Rimmel is stocked. I'm pretty sure I'll be using these quite regularly this season! Have you tried this yet? Are you in the matte camp, or is it gloss all the way?

*These products were provided for editorial consideration