New Release: Le Tan Uber Dark Self Tanners

 With melanomas on the rise and the general awareness of sun damage becoming more prevalent, people have been looking for alternatives to getting that bronzed look. As such, self tanners have seen an increase in popularity, and Le Tan has evolved accordingly, knowing that not everyone is created the same, and produced 4 fake bakes to suit different skin tones!

These are:
  1. Green Base - For all skin tones; Dark olive to brown tan
  2. Violet Base - For olive skin tones; Dark bronze to brown tan
  3. Marula Oil - For all skin tones;Superior hydration
  4. Ash Base - For fair skin tones; Dark cool to brown tan
Confused as to which one you should pick up? If you tan easily in the sun, then the Violet Base would be right for you. If tanning doesn't come naturally to you due to you having fair skin, then the Ash Base will be your best friend. Undecided as you straddle the line? The Green Base could be the one! Marula oil is from the fruit of the Marula tree, which is native to Africa. The addition of this (this self tanner also has a green base) is meant to increase hydration levels in the skin, which, as we all know, keeps that tan sticking around for longer. 

These retail for $24.99 each, and the mitt is $14.99, and can be found at Priceline, among other retailers. Of all the self tanners in the range, I'm most excited about the Marula Oil! What's your pick from the range?

*These products were provided for editorial consideration