Review: Smith & Cult Nail Polishes

Left to right: The Bee Side; Stockhold Syndrome

If you haven't heard of Smith & Cult, you'd better pay attention! I'm just sayin', you need to, because the products aren't just gorgeous on the outside, but they are of excellent quality, and they will soon be very accessible at a Sephora near you!

Left to right: The Bee Side; Stockhold Syndrome

The brains behind Smith & Cult, Dineh Mohajer and Jeanne Chavez, were both involved in the growth of Hard Candy, an incredibly popular makeup brand that gained momentum in the 90's in the States, and a brand that I adore. Starting out with nail polishes, they have now expanded to include lipglosses and eyeshadows, which I haven't had the pleasure to try yet, but look forward to getting my hands on.

The nail polishes all come in incredibly luxe bottles with a silver cap that has a hammered appearance, with edgy dings and dents. However, you can pull the silver cap off to reveal a smaller, black plastic bit that is a lot less awkward to handle for painting within the lines. Additionally, the glass bottles themselves have a reassuring heft to them. Despite the polishes being of quite light colours, I found that it took only two layers to get to the right coverage, and dry time in between coats was a reasonable 8 to 10 minutes.

Left to right: The Bee Side; Stockhold Syndrome

The nail polishes are 8-free (5-free is honestly all you really need, but hey, 8's definitely good!), and they last with signs of minimal wear for up to 3 days - pretty decent for someone who uses her hands a lot!

Bottom line - these polishes are sleek, chic and hard to store, but who would put them away, when they look so much better on display? Make sure you seek them out in store when they hit Sephora!

Have you tried any Smith & Cult products before? What would you be keen to try?

* These products were provided for editorial consideration