Review: Platinum Beauty Brushes

I think that Woolworths' beauty department has been really stepping up it's game, going from that little corner with the essentials, to expanding to products that are exclusive to them only. Those products now include Platinum Beauty brushes and sponges, which is what we're talking about today!

These recent releases include:
1) Base Blending - For the application of foundation to get that base right
2) Blush - For the use of powder blushes
3) Powder - To help set the makeup with a sweep of powder 
4) Contour Eye - This can help with adding definition to the eye crease
5) Eye Shadow - For all over the lid application
6) Platinum Essential Collection - Consists of the three base makeup brushes and brush case
7) Flawless and Precision Sponge Set - Consists of a teardrop sponge for foundation and a slanted sponge for contouring 

I found the Base Blending brush to do a relatively good job of blending, but the bristles aren't quite as dense as I'd like for it to be. However, it is a little tapered at the end, so this gets into the nose creases. What I also like about it is that this spreads out my highlighter quite nicely, so that I can then apply my foundation over it for that extra glow.

The Blush brush is really quite gorgeous - just floofy enough to pick up enough colour to dust onto the cheeks, lightly and beautifully. I also think that this brush is strangely heavy, which makes it feel more expensive than it is - winning!

I also quite like the eyeshadow brushes - the Eye Shadow brush is great at depositing colours directly on the lid, as well as contouring, while the Contour Eye brush is good for blending and defining the eyelid crease. These brushes are a mix of silver and gunmetal grey, while the bristles are synthetic, which makes them easy to wash, and pretty, as well as functional!

Make sure that you check out the range the next time you pop into Woolworths, and maybe sneak one or two into your basket to try out! 

Have you heard of Platinum Beauty before? What's your favourite kind of brush?

* These products were provided for editorial consideration


  1. No I've never heard of them but how convenient being at Woolies. Will definitely check them out next time I'm shopping!

    Di from Max The Unicorn


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