New Release: Bioderma Sebium Range

Bioderma makes one of my favourite toners, and it's good to know that the company has been busy releasing some gorgeous goodies for the combination/oily babes out there! 
If you're not aware of who Bioderma is, then you need to change that! Bioderma originated in France in the 70s, and they aren't just about skincare - they also have social conscious projects going on in the background, including providing local populations with medical assistance, computing materials and miscellaneous materials in Vietnam and Cambodia. Isn't that cool?

What is also cool is this range for those with oily/combination skin, and this collection features two products for cleansing, and two for treating the skin. The micellar water, also known as Sebium H2O, comes in a 500ml pump bottle (which, by the way, is an awesome design!), and this removes make up and other gunk without having to rinse the skin. I tend to follow it up with a cleanser, regardless, and their Sebium Foaming Gel can be used on both the face and body. This also comes in a pump bottle, and it contains 200 ml. These retails for $47.99 and $25.99 respectively.

For treatment, the Sebium Global spot treats blackheads and pimples, and it can also be used to exfoliate the skin, and help improve the texture of the skin. This cream retails for $29.99. Last, but not least, the Sebium Pore Refiner is meant to tighten enlarged pores and smooth the skin. This also doubles as a makeup primer, mattifying the skin. This retails for $36.99.

Bioderma is available at Priceline and other pharmacies.

What's your favourite Bioderma product? What's your skin type?

* These products were provided for editorial consideration