New Release: MUD Velvet Matte Lipsticks

What I love about blogging is that it has made me more aware of the possibilities - I mean, prior to this, I wouldn't have been quite so adept at stalking sales on makeup (hello, Priceline catalogue!), or sneaking little purchases into my shopping trolley at Woolworths (please don't tell my husband - he has a war on 'stuff'), and now, every time I go by a pharmacy, grocery store or clothing shop with a beauty corner, I immediately gravitate towards the makeup, because, after all, what if your new favourite lipstick/eyeliner/nail polish were hiding in a pile?

I fully admit to being The Consumer, which basically means that I work hard to buy hard - not bad for the economy, but certainly not amazing for my wallet! With that in mind, I like to look for bargains that might be overlooked, and I feel like the Make Up Design brand (otherwise known as MUD) stocked in Woolworths is definitely not given as much kudos as it should be!
Top left to right: Mulberry; Luscious Red
Bottom left to right: Timeless Taupe; Terracotta

Stocked only in Woolworths, but also found in their online store, MUD has recently released 4 new Velvet Matte Lipsticks, previously found in different packaging, and I have to say, I'm liking the new stuff so very much! The new packaging, which is a matte black casing with white letters and a clear bit at the bottom indicating which colour it contains, has a higher end, more solid feel to it, but with the same price tag of only $5 per lipstick, which feels insanely cheap to me.

Top to bottom: Timeless Taupe; Terracotta; Luscious Red; Mulberry

The shades include:
- Timeless Taupe: A soft nude shade
- Terracotta: A rose pink
- Luscious Red: Classic red
- Mulberry: A plum shade 

It sits well on the lips with a matte finish, and they are very pigmented, even the nude. While one swipe does deposit a lot of colour, the downside is that I don't see a lot of lip staining from constant wear, but that isn't really an issue.
For such a low price (I mean, $20 will get you 4 lipsticks, and that's like 4 coffees, or a cake, or a movie's worth of snacks - and these won't be worth any calories!), you really have to consider getting 1 or 4!
Available at Woolworths and at their online Woolworths store, or if you after more information about the range, you can hop to their website over here.
Have you tried any MUD makeup before? What's your favourite?
* These products were provided for editorial consideration


  1. I have seen this brand before but never even considered buying it... I guess because it was at Woolworths and I'm not normally looking for it when I'm doing the weekly food shop haha. Great review though - the lipsticks actually look really good especially considering the price.



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