Review: Max Factor False Lash Epic Brush Mascara

I love new mascaras, because I hate conjunctivitis. Just kidding! I mean, I love new mascaras, because there's always the promise of something exciting around the corner that might work for my stubborn, obstinate lashes - how great would it be to come across The Holy Grail, right?

I do also hate conjunctivitis, by the way, so make sure you change out your mascara every 3 months, babes, or you're going to set yourself up for a bacterial infection! Just hopping off my soap box for a moment, I'm here to talk about a new mascara that I've been trying out! 
The Max Factor False Lash Epic Brush was released in February, and retails for $27.95. This is meant to help create a lash fan effect that is supposed to be epic. The brush has several components. The arched brush is for combing and defining the lashes, and the flat side is supposed to be for depositing the formula. There is also a mix of conical and flat-pointing bristles that should help reach the nitty gritty places, while the end of the flat-pointing bristles are supposed to assist in additional combing. The formula itself contains gloss polymer for shine and gloss, and it's also meant to resist smudging and flaking.

First off, I love the packaging! This mascara comes in a gold tube with a black label, and the brush is seriously complex looking. I like the even distribution of the mascara onto the lashes, and I do love that the brush is good at spreading the mascara onto the slightly out of the way tricky bits. I do find this to smudge moderately throughout the day, starting at about 5 hours after application. It also seems to take a little longer to dry than some other mascaras, which isn't an issue, aside from the post mascara application sneeze. I don't get any curling with this, but it does darken the lashes nicely. A pretty decent mascara overall, and one that's good for people with blonde or fair lashes.

This is my first Max Factor mascara, and it's made me curious about other Max Factor products. Have you tried any Max Factor mascaras before, and which one's your favourite?

* This product was provided for editorial consideration


  1. I haven't tried Maxfactor mascaras before. The packaging of this is definitely good but smudgey mascaras are my pet peeve. My eyes seem to smudge mascara more than other people I'm sure so I'm always on the look out for non-smudgey ones.



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