The Most Extensive Father's Day Gift Guide 2016 *

Is it just me or are dads the hardest people to shop for? For the longest time, when I was younger, I bought a lot of ugly, budget ties that my dad appeared delighted to receive, but I'm sure he was dying little on the inside each time he unwrapped a present from one of us. And with 4 kids in the family, that's a lot of ugly ties, but I digress.

In honour of dads everywhere that smile indulgently for every terrible present, I've put together the most comprehensive Father's Day Gift Guide 2016 to help spread gift inspiration and prevent mountains of unwanted presents from piling up. So, without further ado, let's get started!

How can a Father's Day guide possibly not include shaving, from what to use to how to soothe irritated skin afterwards? Remington has you covered for both, given that their Rechargeable Shave Pack comes with a L'Oreal Men Expert Hydra Power After-Shave Balm. Therefore, this pack ensures that they have your dad covered for both the shaving and decreasing your chances of having dry, unhappy skin. This shaver has a multi-directional pivoting neck, as well as three flexing heads, all to get your shave down as as short as possible. For $49.95, this is excellent value.

Of course, if you're not looking for a new razor this Father's Day, but you've noticed that your dad hasn't been taking care of his skin post-shaving (perhaps because he didn't get the pack above with the after shave balm already included), have a look at SPEICK. Pronounced as Spike, they have been in the business for 88 years, and the company is so named after the Speick plant, which is found in all SPEICK products. They have a number of after shave products within their active range, which happens to be vegan, as well as their regular range. From the regular range, their shaving cream contains beeswax and lavender oil, and doesn't have any preservatives. This retails for $10.95.

SPEICK's Active After Shave Balsam has aloe vera gel and witch hazel extract to help soothe the skin, and from recent usage, I can tell you that it does smell quite pretty, more feminine than I would have thought, and it seems to work quite well. I also love that this is vegan appropriate, so if your dad is vegan, then this is something to include on your list. You can get this soothing balm for $29.95. For more information on SPEICK, head over here.

If you'd prefer to get something a little sharper, the Rituals Ancient Samurai Basil & Tiger Grass After Shave Gel may be more appropriate for you. This has a refreshing and beautiful scent that will add a bit of zing to your dad's morning, and this also comes in a beautiful glass bottle, so if the aesthetics are important, then this may be just right. This retails for $37 and can be found here.

On a slight tangent, if you're sick of your man/dad/cat stealing your beautifully scented, feminine shampoo and conditioner, why not give them a hint and their own haircare duo? QV has a nourishing shampoo and conditioner set that is meant to be intensive nutrition for dry scalps. This way, you can always sneak some of their stuff and you don't have to listen to them complaining about how pretty they smell (these are fragrance free) after they've used your stuff! These are $10.15 each.

The Smuggler's Soul shampoo bar by Lush would be perfect for the travelling dad! With cocoa butter, lemongrass oil and sandalwood, this shampoo bar means not worrying about spillage and it's easy to pack into your bag. Cruelty free with ethically sourced sandalwood, this is definitely something I would be tempted to keep! This retails for $14.95.

Speaking of hair, if you have a well groomed father, then chances are he would need something to hold it all together. m a k e has a variety of different hair products, including Dapper Pomade, which contains silk amino acids to help add softness and shine to the hair. Their Textured Cream is meant to increase volume, while decreasing the floppiness of the hair. They also have a Messy Paste and a Defined Paste, so pick what's appropriate for your stylish dad! These retail for $21.95 each, and they can be found at Hairhouse Warehouse.

If you haven't heard about bhave by now, well, I'm going to assume you're new to my blog! Aside from all the goodies for my hair, they also have some styling products for dudes! Their Flex Styling Paste promises texture and movement while controlling flyaways and frizz. For stronger hold, their Sleek Pomade will keep things in place, even on a windy day. These go for $29.95 each. You can head to their website for more information.

Of course, you've got the products, but what about the tools? Tangle Teezer has a Men's Compact Groomer, which is appropriate for beards and hair! This is a mix of grey and black, with fine teeth to help detangle. We don't like knots, so why would they? This is also travel friendly, easy to put in the gym bag or carry on, and you can pick one up for $34.95.

No gift guide for men would be complete without fragrances! I find that scents can be a very individual thing, but knowing what they like can point you in the right direction. Roberto Cavalli's Uomo retails for $80 for 60 ml, and it comes in a heavy black bottle. A new release this month, this oriental scent contains violet, saffron, honey, lavender and cedar. It has an almost feminine quality to it, but it balances out to be relatively masculine.

David Beckham's cologne range added another scent to their ranks in mid-August - Beyond Forever. This retails for $39 for 60 ml and this is a mix of bergamot, nutmeg, violet and immortelle flower with woody vetiver, patchouli and leather. These culminate into a fresh, aqua type scent that ends with an almost tobacco/leather note.

Daviddoff's Horizon will only set you back $80 for 75 ml and on first hit, this may be best for your partner (or for me, cat dad), because it has a raw, sexy quality to it. Filled with grapefruit, ginger, patchouli, rosemary, leather and vetiver, this scent starts off fresh and spicy and finishes woody.

Rituals Bleu Byzantin is a scent I'd recommend for those that like swimming, or being out and about. A heady mix of water mint, blue juniper berry and fresh cypress, this brings to mind calm bodies of water and sparkling sunshine. For a full size bottle, this costs $74.

For our last offering, if your father or partner is into citrus fragrances that is energizing and uplifting, The Body Shop's White Musk Sport EDT will be right up their alley! Notes of grapefruit, amber and lemon will perk them up, giving him a running start to the day, and for only $32.95, 100 ml of this could be yours!

If subtle fragrances that don't hang around for long, but they'd like a bit of a lift to their day, then shower products may be their thing. The Rituals Ancient Samurai Cooling Ice Shower Gel ($17) will revitalise the body and add a bit of scent after a work out session. There are actually 22 skin and body care products in the range, and there may just be something in it that would be right for you.

Lush has a Thanks Dad soap that contains fresh orange juice and Brazilian orange oil - cruelty free, zesty and only $6.95 for a block!

The Body Shop's White Musk Sport Hair and Body Wash is another one that may be just right for those that exercise before heading out to work. This has the same scent as the EDT and for $18.95, this tube of 200 ml can be found at The Body Shop, which, well, can be found just about everywhere, including online!

Let's not forget about the dads that like to have a long wind down after a big day! It's not just for women looking to escape from reality - bath bombs are also great for those that do crazy workouts, or have stress levels that could use a bit of lowering.

Their Superdad Bath Bomb ($6.95) has guaiac wood, sandalwood and olibanum - perfect to sink into after a rough day. If your dad would prefer bubbles (even though he doesn't want to admit it), The Modfather ($7.50) would create bubbles for days with Brazilian orange oil!

For those that like to scrub the day away, the Smuggler's Soul Facial Scrub is $22.95 for 100 g, and it has bamboo granules for exfoliation, cucumber infusion to cool the skin and sandalwood for that fine, smoky scent. As an accompaniment, the Smuggler's Soul Multipurpose Cream is perfect for minimalists that prefer not to have a different cream for each part of the body. This has cucumber to cool the body, hands and face, while the argan oil in it softens the skin. This also has sandalwood for that extra hit of smokiness. This retails for $29.95 for 100 g.

Finally, for the ultimate stress relief, the Dermalogica Stress Relief Treatment Oil, which can be used for massage, bath therapy and/or skin conditioning, will have the man (men?) you give it to sinking into a cloud of bliss. With sandalwood, lavender, plum and green tea to soothe, and eucalyptus, ginger and wasabi to counteract stress, it's not hard to imagine why. At $42 for 100 ml, this is a small price to pay to get a break from real life!

Now, I know that the title says Most Extensive Father's Day Guide, and I wasn't kidding - I have a selection of other products, and their price tags, that might be of interest to you, so flick on through to the bottom! I hope you find something of interest, or at least be inspired by them!

The Daily Edited Personalised Leather Goods - With the minimalistic products and the personal touch, this would be gorgeous for the discerning gentleman,

Buckle 1922 - For the dad that needs some spruced up basics, from wallets, to cufflinks to bowties, Buckle 1922 should be able to kit him out!

Squire - My husband would love shoes from Squire! For dapper dad who wants to look good from head to toe, head to Squire to check out their range.

Victa Lawnmowers - This is the kind of gift my father in law would appreciate! Practical and actually kinda pretty!

Oz Marvellous Maps - If your dad is a true blue Aussie, then you need to get your hands on this funny map! It will crack you up! I mean, when I moved to Australia years ago, I thought Kangy Angy sounded pretty cute, but to have an actual place called The Boobs? Well... To see more funny names, make sure you check it out!

Shark Shield - For the water loving, adventurous dad, the gift of safety is not a bad idea! Shark Shield is an electrical shark deterrent, and I'm almost disappointed that there's no one I could give this to!

Lack of Color - It doesn't hurt that this hat is one that you can also steal! Lack of Color has some droolworthy hats, including The Eastwood pictured above.

Happy hunting, and I hope you find what you're looking for this Father's Day!

Any thoughts on what you're getting? Are you just shopping for your dad this year?

* These products were provided for editorial consideration, but my opinions remain my own