How To: Travel Light On A Budget Flight (Travel Part 1)

I don't know about you, but between my passion for makeup (being a Mecca Cosmetica/Maxima Loop 3 member pretty much cements that) and my constant wanderlust and needing to take short breaks to stay sane, my budget doesn't stretch half as far as I'd like for it to.

Thankfully, there are constant sales on flights, which means that my beer budget (and I don't even like beer!) and champagne lifestyle can meet halfway! This means that it can keep my travel bug happy, but the shopaholic/makeup nut in me used to struggle to keep a balance - how does one juggle it so that you could be guaranteed a fun trip with an adequate makeup bag without worrying about going over the weight limit?

Don't worry, I've got your back (or bag)! Today's post is all about smart travel and how you can get the most out of your 7kg limit, which includes your handbag, and this is the norm across the board for all budget flights within Australia. Also, for anyone travelling in the States, I believe it's all carry on these days too, so this may be helpful to you as well. This post applies best to a short break/long weekend.

First, make a list! I have an electronic copy saved on my phone, so that I'll never have to scramble around in a last minute rush and leave things behind. I do sometimes like a hard copy, just so I can tick it off, so here's one for your perusal:

Once you've established what you need, start digging through your sample bags! My previous addiction to beauty boxes means a likely lifetime supply of samples, but if you're not a crazy hoarder lady like me, then you can either decant some products, or go through what you might be using that only has a couple of uses left. I sometimes carry a couple more samples than needed, just in case I end up having to redo my face.

Alternatively, there are some great travel sized products on the market, so stay tuned for the travel light sequel, where I'll be taking you through what you might be able to find that you could pack for the next time you're jetting off to your destination of choice.

As for clothes, I tend to take 4 outfits - 1 per day, plus an extra, followed by an out at night dress. At most, I may pack a second pair of shoes, Make sure you pack the corresponding necessary amount of underwear as well! 

Another tip for those toeing the line between shopping and staying under the luggage limit - keep a bag of clothes at home that may be too ratty to donate, but still have a bit of life left, and give them a last hurrah before you chuck them out. That way, even less laundry to do! Just keep this in mind for the next time I see you interstate - I am likely wearing something that has a hole somewhere!

After all that, make sure that you're using a bag that doesn't weigh much. Too many times I've seen people use heavy looking carry ons, and those are the ones get pulled out for a weigh (and pay!) on the scales. My recommendation would be a backpack, or a duffel bag. I have a little bag that also has some wheels for when my back and neck ache from too much tension, and it doesn't weigh very much at all. 

Finally, to keep that panic at bay when you're waiting in line for the flight, invest in a light handheld scale for your luggage. That way, you can be assured that you're not way over the limit! 

I hope this helps - I love packing for trips away! Fingers crossed the next time you get stressed, this particular post keeps you calm!

What's your favourite tip for travelling light? What could you not leave home without? 


  1. Sample products are perfect got travel!

  2. Ha, I couldn't pack light if I tried! I've managed to do it with clothes, but toiletries is where I trip up every time. I don't tend to collect samples, purely because I'm fussy - hey I may as well admit it! I've just invested in a handheld scale for my luggage & I have a feeling it's gonna come in handy for the trip I'm about to take.

    1. It will CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Totally did when I got one!

  3. I've been digging through my previous LHI boxes like a crazy woman trying to find some samples for my lil road trip next week.


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