How To: Save Space On Beauty Products Without Compromising (Travel Part 3) *

If you haven't had the chance to read through all the travel posts before this one, make sure you head here and here to have a look through - I've love to hear your travel tips too!

To round things off, we're talking about some other goodies that we may not always think about, but could be handy to have around. 

Did you know that Cetaphil and Dermalogica both have makeup wipes? These will take off your makeup, refresh your skin and leave it feeling ready for a wash to remove the remaining traces. Winning! I'll fully admit to being one of those people with a bit of a wet wipe habit - I keep a pack on me at all times! Therefore, these are great for not just cleaning, but to also get rid of sticky messes.

As a toner, or more importantly, to keep my skin feeling fresh and moisturised, the Avene Thermal Spring water spray works amazingly well! I keep a can of this handy at all times so that I can give my face a spritz after having a nap on the plane, and also as a toner at the end of the day. Definitely a travel staple!

Speaking of sticky messes, hand sanitisers also live in my travel bag. Particularly for when you travel to places that are a little dirty and grimy, or where there may be questionable washrooms (Myanmar, I'm looking at you), these can be so very handy! Natralus has them in slim, long pump packaging, and these babies are available in 4 different flavours. They even claim to have up to 180 pumps per bottle! How crazy is that for such a small tube? These have a watery consistency, and a surprisingly powerful jet for such a little pump.

If you're the type to exercise while you're gone, or prone to having issues with neck or back pain, pack one of these Dermalogica Hydro-active Mineral Salts for the bath. You can either use it as a soak, or you can rub it all over the body to purge the dead skin cells from the surface - versatile and easy to pack! And can I just say, it also smells really pretty? Lavender - very relaxing. 

You can't neglect the little things either, like your nails. OPI makes the cutest little bottles that are incredibly friendly. I went on a trip once, and couldn't decide on which colour to pack for a week, so I took about 5 bottle with me! Their latest offering is a tie in with Alice Through The Looking Glass, and there are some really girly pastels as part of the range - adorable! 

Don't forget about what you might need to take them off! If you're a dip and twist kinda girl, then Color Theory has you covered! Just dip your finger in, then twist, twist, twist and it's nail polish free! If you're not keen, or you have a cut on your finger at the worst spot for dipping, then Revitanail's Conditioning Remover Wipes will take it off for you without drying out your skin.

Speaking of drying, it would be positively unAustralian of me to not mention Paw Paw ointment! Natralus has them in a variety of sizes, including this tiny 7 ml screw top tube. Use it to protect your lips, help with dry spots and protect small cuts. I never realised that they had a little tube of this until now, and it was a real lifesaver back a few weeks ago when I had a cold and I'd forgotten to pack my lip balm, so it doubled as both a soothing product for the skin beneath my nose and my lips. 

Make sure that you leave enough space to pack the frosting on the cake! Perfume is a must have for me - I don't leave the house without it generally, and I sure as hell ain't gonna go on a holiday without this! Amazing Grace by Philosophy is soft, feminine and clean and I find myself wearing this at all times of the day.

I hope these guides prove to be helpful to you! Sometimes packing can be tedious, but it honestly doesn't have to be - it could be fun shopping for new things!

What are your favourite travel goodies? What can't you be without on your travels?

* These products were provided for my consideration, but my opinions remain my own


  1. Great post! I'm going on a trip to Europe soon so these were some handy tips. I think facial wipes are definitely the way to go, especially if you're on a plane for a long time and don't have access to a proper bathroom facility.

    elese |

    1. Right? Hate to think about that possibility, but totally true scenario!

  2. You remind me to start packing!! Looking forward to see what you got from Melb's BU :)


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