Melbourne Bloggers United Event and Goody Bag!

On a scheduled trip to Melbourne recently with a friend, I was able to tag on an excellent event to round out the weekend away from home. What event, you say? Why, it was the Bloggers United Au event! For those who are unfamiliar with Bloggers United Au, this group was founded by two very excellent chickies, Jasmine at Sweetaholic Beauty and Nikita at NJT Blogger, and they also have a pair of representatives in each state that they've visited. They seek to bring bloggers together, so there's an atmosphere of friendliness and support, and to have brands connect with bloggers. All in all, they do an amazing job each time I've been to one of their events, and I can't wait to see what these girls have in store in the future!
The event was held at The Royce Hotel this time, and I got there a couple of minutes ahead of time. I had the pleasure to meet a number of lovely bloggers, albeit briefly, as well as hang out with the delightful Melissa from The Fanciful and Fun Girl, who I did a collaboration with recently. I also got to meet the funny and friendly Jenet at ChicGeek85, as well as the beautiful Trang at Doaner-Fide, and the lovely Loree at LoreeBloom. Sorry if I babbled a lot, girls, I was just so excited to be there!

We got to meet a few brands in person, and I'll go through all that shortly, because they all contributed something to the goody bag!

Speaking of which, I bet you've been hanging out to hear about what we received, and I'm so excited to talk about it all, so without too much more chit chat, here's what we got that weekend!

One of the stands there was the Good Green Box, which is a subscription box that aims to deliver ethically sourced and cruelty free products to beauty lovers. We got to pick from a selection of products there, and here's what I picked.

Bare Oils Clear Mind and Sweet Dreams oils
Soak Society Originale Wellness Soaks
Windecker Farms Organic Deodorant
Pearl Bar Floss Picks
MooGoo Shea Sorbet Intense Moisturising Butter Balm
Alex and Aloe Hand Cream
Wild Harvest Care Pure Emu Oil
Samol Herbal Hair and Scalp Oil

I'm excited about trying the floss picks! Is that weird?

Speaking of MooGoo, we also received a Fresh Cream Deodorant, as well as a Dusty Girls Natural Mineral Blush in Golden Delicious and a Kabuki brush. They are also being really generous at the moment, because you can use the code BLOGGERSUNITEDMELB to get 20% off Dusty Girls makeup and MooGoo skincare on their website, valid until the 14th of November, 2016.

We got a big container of Chamomile and Elderflower tea by The Organic Trainer, which is great, because I do love night time tea, and this brand is new to me. Along the food theme, we got a Anathoth Farm tub of lemon curd that I'm as yet unsure what to do with, but part of me just wants to peel off the lid and eat it! Surprisingly, I managed to not scoff the Slim Secrets Bare Bar and the Go Natural Nut Delight bar, but in the interest of full disclosure, I did eat the Bloggers United cookie that I received - to be fair, it was broken, so it wouldn't have been very cute in the shot anyway! A TBX Detangler Brush was around the top of the bag, which apparently can detangle both wet and dry hair.

Dr. Hauschka had a stand at the event, and they handed out little Face Care Kits, and I received one appropriate for normal, dry and sensitive skin. I also got a little Hydrating Hand Cream and a small Night Serum, which will be handy for travel. Did you know that they don't have any night creams in their range, because they believe in letting the skin breathe at night? I found that an interesting bit of trivia. Not present at the event, sadly, was Rosehip Plus, but luckily for us, they included a bottle of their wonderful rosehip oil in the bag. Seriously, this stuff is the shizzle (see full review here), so you need to look into that if you're on the market for one!

L'Oreal put two interesting products into the bag - their Serioxyl Thicker Hair Fibre Thickening Serum and Serioxyl Denser Hair fluid. They have a really luxe feel to them, and while I'm tempted to try them, I don't know if my hair could physically get any thicker, but I do know someone who might need them, so I may look into rehoming them to a friend in need. I've been loving these White Glow Bright Nights whitening films, so it's great to see them in the bag! Dove included two very popular staples - their original aerosol spray and their beauty cream bar. John Frieda placed a tube of their popular Frizz Ease, which I don't particularly need, but I do know someone who could use it!

Do you want to know what I'm truly, really excited about? These lipsticks from Shanghai Suzy! I'm such a fan of the lippies (so many posts, I can't count), and I'm excited to get shades that I don't have yet! We also got these incredible brushes (see post here) from Artiste by Manicare, which I already have, but could use a backup for. They also put in a duo pack of lashes in Miranda, which I was running low on, so it's perfect! We also got this little cute and portable Furless blending brush, which will start living in my daily cosmetic bag. Additionally, we were gifted these Avon goodies, their Luxe mascara and their Ultra Colour Perfectly Matte Lipstick in Splendidly Fuschia.

Weleda was in attendance at the event, and we all got a tube of their very popular Skin Food, which I already use, and I picked the Age Revitalising Hand Cream in Evening Primrose, as I'm currently using their Almond hand cream, and so I wanted a different flavour! I was also passed a small selection of their skincare products in little sachets, which I'll be trying out at my next convenience. There are other hand creams that I'm excited about in the bag, and they would be the Love and Light Hand Cream by Lush, which I do love already (smell like peace and calm) and the Thank You Hand Cream in Botanical Geranium and Rosewood. Cetaphil gave us a Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion, which is great, because this one is for dry to very dry skin.

One of my favourite, but most hard to come by brands due to availability, brands was also present, Boe Professional! I received a BB Cream and Concealer (love this concept, with the concealer in the lid, as well as a small mirror), eyeliner in Black, Perfect Pout Lip Cream in Aura (amazing texture!) and Big XXX Kiss Lipgloss in Crystelle. They do great makeup at a low price point - great for girls on a budget! Speaking of budget makeup, Ulta3 included a lipstick, and I got Berry Pretty, which is perfect for my skin tone! MUD popped in a lipliner in Nude, and this is honestly excellent value!

The Healthy Mummy had a stand there and they very generously gave us a cookbook each, as well as a carry-on size bag. While I'm not a mum (a cat mum, maybe), I'm totally up for anything that sounds like it may be healthy, particularly for Summer!

Vani-T is a brand that I know of, but haven't tried yet, and I received their Mineral Liquid Radiance, which is a liquid highlighter, a Brazilian Bronze self tanner and tanning mitt and a Mineral Lip Colour in Angel, which looks very pretty. L'Oreal also gave us a Root Concealer, which I got in Brown. Luv Ur Body and Luv Ur Skin gifted us a trio pack of nail polishes and lip balm respectively. I believe this brand was created by a very entrepreneuring 14 year old - kudos, and I can't wait to try them! Real-U included a travel size face gel, which is for acne control, and not one I need, but I'll see to it that it gets a good home.

Sunsense, as many of you might know, is a brand that I'm really keen on (for example, see posts here and here) and it has some exciting new releases coming out, namely their Sensitive Invisible Face and Body Cream, which includes niacinamide, and new formulations for their Lip Balm, which I love so much and I'm hoping is better, not just different (comparison posts, anyone?), as well as their Daily Face Invisible Tint Finish. Keep your eyes peeled for a big Sunsense post with a big Sunsense giveaway coming up!

Enbacci, which, funnily enough, I was actually using small samples of while I was in Melbourne, was there and they were incredibly generous, putting three full size goodies in the bag! I like their scrub, and I can't wait to see how this goes on my skin!

Also at the event was V10Plus, which I first heard about on Lily Not Louise's blog, and they popped in a cute little mirror and a Water Based Peeling Exfoliant, which I tried on my hand and really loved, so, like, get on my face! I was also lucky enough to win two serums on the day itself, and I picked Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid, and I'm due to switch out my serums, so watch out for a review soon! 

While at the event, we played some games, which gave us the chance to win some prizes, and Melissa at The Fanciful and Fun Girl and I were very lucky, and as my prize, I picked a L'Oreal makeup pack!

Phew, are you as exhausted as I am? This took forever to write! Thank you to Blogger United Au for holding such a fantastic event, and I'm sorry I didn't get to socialise as much, as usual! You're probably lucky, however, if you were at the event, and didn't chat with me, because I'm a babbler!

If you attended, I'd love to see your posts! Leave your link below and I'll head over as soon as possible!


  1. I've been hanging to see a write-up of the Melbourne event! Such a good time, right??

    1. Those girls know how to throw an event!

  2. This Melbourne Bloggers United event sounds amazing!

    1. Can't wait for them to come back to Sydney!

  3. This event looks amazing from your pictures. If I hadn't already have been in attendance I would be very jealous! Haha it was lovely meeting you Leah. This is also a fantastic review and I wish my product shots were as good :p

    Melissa from the Fanciful Fungirl (which it won't let me comment from!)

    1. It was so great meeting you! And your shots are always lovely!

  4. I have still got all my goodies in bags. I am busting to get to them but want to take pics first. Such an amazing event and a really great amosphere. Bron x

    1. I left them in the bag for the longest time and I kept taking them out and playing with them!

  5. So awesome to finally meet you!!! Give me a buzz when you're in Melbourne again and we can babble on for a bit longer over food!!! Trangles xoxo


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