New Releases and Review: Shu Uemura Limited Edition Art Series 2.0 *

Shu Uemura has always been a makeup heavy brand to me, and while I knew that haircare products existed, I didn't get the chance to try them out until recently, and all I can say is - what took me so long? I was introduced to their conditioner range at a recent Shu Uemura event, where they unveiled the new gorgeous packaging as part of their Limited Edition Art Series that celebrates their link to art and beauty.
Poppy Lissiman was picked to represent the Silk Bloom conditioner, which is appropriate for damaged hair. The print on the bottle features a glittering snake and her signature evil eye iconography amongst clashing shades of green, pink, yellow, blue and red. This conditioner is meant to repair the structure of the hair fibre whist adding volume and density. 

Anya Brock was the artist chosen for the Color Lustre Conditioner, which is for normal to colour treated hair. This provides lightweight conditioning and polishes shine from mid-lengths to ends while preserving the hair's colour. The inspiration behind the print came from the 1950s abstract expressionists, the result of which is a pair of flamingos on a turquoise background, all bright azure and sunset tones.

Billie Justice Thomson created the artwork on the Muroto Volume Conditioner, which is enriched with Himalayan Crystal Minerals to provide the hair fibre with a source of purity and energy for long lasting volume, which is appropriate for fine hair. The design is made up of cubist shapes with heavy, black outlines in colour blocked tones of pink, green, orange, red and blue.

All three artists chosen are Australian with widespread tendrils throughout Australia, even extending overseas. 

Of all the three, I was hard pressed to just pick one to try, but I had to go with the flamingo, simply because, well, it's a flamingo, and I'd coloured my hair recently! I just love how it brightens up the bathroom so beautifully, and I also love that it isn't just a gimmicky packaging to convince people to buy the conditioner, because this conditioner is absolutely gorgeous! 

My hair is wonderfully soft after it's use, without losing any body or bounce. This is something that I'm really struggling to not use up quickly, because then I would have to part with the bottle!

The bottles retail for $58 each for 250ml, and can be found via their site here. Just keep in mind that this trio is a limited edition thing (you can always get the conditioners without the cool packaging) so get in quick!

Have you tried any Shu Uemura hair care previously? 

* These products were provided for my consideration, but my op