Review: Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle *

Hello lovelies! I know we've discussed body hair about a zillion times on this blog, but I've never quite gotten to the, er, depth that we're about to get to.

I recently attended a launch for a clever little product that's new on the market from Schick - a hydrating razor that also has a bikini trimmer on the other end, and, wait for it, it's waterproof! 

I love innovative products and nifty gadgets, so when I heard what it was, my first thought was - hot diggity dog! What took so long for someone to think of something this strangely clever and interesting?

Did you know that Schick was the first company to come out with the hydrating strip as part of the razor back in 1984? This particular end has five blades for a clean, close shave, and moisturising serum built into it.

On the other end, and this is what I'm really excited about, is the waterproof trimmer. The adjustable comb gives you four different settings for the lengths, so you can cut things down to size! Isn't this a smart idea?

As you can see, there is also a stand, so that you don't end up dipping the razor into the water all the time. While bulky, this also has a new grip pattern that makes for comfortable handling. For me, it really is the minutiae that makes a product. I just wish they had a cover for the razor, but I suppose that's the point of having the stand.

I know that the question you're really dying to ask is - does it work, and are you happy with it? Firstly, I have to say, the buzzing is a little conspicuous, but it doesn't put me off. Let's face it - I live with my husband and cat, and those two have seen it all.

This is most appropriate for people with quite a bit of hair looking to do some tidying up. The shortest setting will leave things short, but still stubbly. If it's a super close shave you're after, then just flip it to the other side, and use the razor instead.

$21.95 will get you a AAA lithium battery and this double headed product to help you shave and tend to your lady garden. It is available in Coles, and will be in Woolworths and leading pharmacies nation wide.

Is this anything you'd be interested in? What is your favourite clever product?

* This product was provided for my consideration, but my opinions, as always are my own


  1. I actually have one...just not sure where it is...which probably means i need to get a new one! I find these products more convenient, because its like 2 in 1! Total space saver if your bathroom is small too!

    This Damsel Loves Blog

  2. Very delicately handled! This looks like a sensible option for everyone! :-)

  3. Interesting & useful review! It's always awkward to ask questions about lady garden trimming!

    1. Isn't it? So many questions - and no one to answer them!

  4. I love the Schick Hydro razor, pity the blades are so expensive though. This is a great idea, a two-in-one product makes things so much easier!

    1. At least you can use those blades with this one too!


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