Lust Have It FaB July 2015

So, I don't know if you have been keeping up with Lust Have It stuff, but back in December, they delivered their last FaB box, then had about 7 months in between where they didn't have any. At all. And no clear explanation regarding this as to the 7 month break.

That said, they are back to delivering their boxes now, and all I can say is - BRING IT!

It's great to see that Lust Have It is really bringing their game back and that they are really back to being FaBulous!

1) Plaid Shawl - For some reason, this makes me think of a picnic blanket, but it is seriously warm! I think I could really incorporate this into certain outfits.

2) Teeez Trend Cosmetics Desert Lush Sheer Lipstick Cedar Sand - I have a Teeez Trend lippie and I love it, so this is a fantastic addition to my collection!

3) Teeez Trend Cosmetics Soft As Sin Cream Blush in Sun Tan Taupe - I think this would make a great colour for my skin during the Summer.

4) Hikari Eye Crayon in Cashmere - Gotta love eye crayons! They are so handy for a quick slick and run and hopefully, it won't be hugely slidey!

5) Drop Earrings - This might be the only thing in the box that I don't think I'd get a lot of use out of. I might end up passing this onto a friend or something.

For $35 monthly, I can almost just about forgive Lust Have It for their incredibly late delivery. 

What are your thoughts on this particular box? Are you or would you ever be a subscriber to the FaB box?


  1. I like the cosmetics but wouldn't have a use for the earrings and probably wouldn't use the shawl.

    1. I felt the same way about the earrings!

  2. These subscription boxes look so cool! I'll probably make use of all the cosmetics but I'm quite picky with accessories so I don't know how much worth I'll get out of these boxes

  3. The makeup items look terrific TP - I shall await your swatches with baited breath ♥♥♥


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