Review: Lonvitalite Collagen Firming and Moisturising Facial Mask

Hello lovelies!
I have a long standing love for face masks, and I've been impressed by Lonvitalite masks in the past, so when I got the chance to receive some through the most recent Beautorium on BeautyHeaven (see post here for my haul), I picked up a pack of Lonvitalite masks that I'd tried before, but really wanted to give another go.

This claims to keep skin 'firm, even toned and radiant' by promoting skin renewal with 100% natural plant collagen. It's also meant to keep new lines at bay - I like the promises so far!

Please excuse the blurry picture - it's just me trying to show you that, like all other Lonvitalite masks, it's got just enough serum to keep the mask moist, but not enough to create a mess!

As with all other Lonvitalite masks, it's quite large, and I had to fold the edges down. I had it on my skin for the usual 20 minutes prior to washing it off. This one had quite a nice fresh scent, and I was left with skin that felt smooth and firm. I can't attest to the fighting of small lines just yet, but let me give it a few more tries!

While I enjoyed this one again, it's definitely not one of my absolute favourites from Lonvitalite - I'm glad I got the chance to try it one more time, though!

Have you tried this one before? Do you have a favourite from the range?


  1. They send me one each in my prize pack i think. I can't wait to try all of them :) Although I wasn't too big on the handmask, my hands felt a bit gross after soaking in it.

    1. I'm not big on hand masks - I tried one ages ago from Lonvitalite and I felt a little underwhelmed.

  2. Very pretty :) it's been yonks since I used a cloth mask, will have to dig one out later today x

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