Review: Colour Theory Eyeshadow Duo In Berrylicious

When it comes to finding a bargain, I like to think that I'm very good at it. However, sometimes bargains just land in my lap, and this is one of them! 

I received this gorgeous little duo in one of my recent beauty boxes. It's by Colour Theory, which is stocked in a number of Amcal pharmacies. They have a range of interesting price points, which makes buying the items very easy. For example, the nail polishes are $4 each, and the eyeshadow duos are $6, and the palettes are $10. Something for every budget!

My favourite thing about this is duo is just how creamy and pigmented is, particularly for the price! This is just gorgeous to apply, and goes on smoothly. Here's the look I achieved with the duo:

So easy to use, and shimmery gorgeous! This makes me curious about the rest of the range - now all I have to do is look for an Amcal pharmacy!

Have you tried anything from Colour Theory before? What's your favourite item from them?


  1. I've always walked passed my local stands without a second glance :) might check out their polishes next time x

    1. You certainly do! I've been looking for an Amcal nearby!


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