Lust Have It May FaB Box Review! *

Lust Have It, you've outdone yourself with this particular FaB box! As a follow up to my last FaB box, Lust Have It sent me one for the month of May, and this looks like their best box yet! 

For those unfamiliar with Lust Have It, it's a monthly beauty box service, which is like a magazine, except that it's filled with beauty products! They also have a quarterly Eco box, and a monthly Fashion and Beauty box (FaB), which has accessories and makeup products, for the beauty loving fashionista.

Curious about what's in the box this month? Here we go!

1) LHI Gold Lace Necklace - This necklace is gorgeous! While gold isn't my colour, I've actually been edging towards it more and more often (is this a sign of ageing?) and the pattern is beautiful. I can see myself getting a lot of use out of this one!

2) LHI Gold Filigree Earrings - These are the matching earrings to the necklace, making it a gorgeous set. I'll be teaming this with a plain top and jeans, maybe? I'm really excited about putting an outfit together!

3) OM SHE Trinity Nail Polish in Rose Gold (full size) - Continuing with the gold theme, I also received this nail polish in Rose Gold. This is a brand that has been popping up recently (I think they got a brand overhaul), and they are cruelty free and I have very fond memories of their rosehip oil, which was the first one that I ever used, so this is a welcome addition to my collection!

4) OM SHE Trinity Lipgloss in Divine Rose (full size) - This is a red gloss with shiny glitter, and is just the colour that I love. I hope it's super pigmented!

5) OM SHE Baked Mineral Eye Shadow in Narasimha (full size) - This baked trio can be used wet or dry, and while the colours aren't the most suitable for me, I can think of a few different looks I could achieve with this!

6) OM SHE J'Aime Paris Eye Shadow in Sophie - 6 shimmery shades in a pale pink case? Ooh, yes please! I had to put up two pictures of this palette, because it's just so pretty! While I'm starting to get into some mattes, the shimmer shades still hold a lot of appeal for me, so this is a lovely item to see in the box!

This is the most gorgeous FaB box yet, and I can't wait to really go through everything and try out some looks and outfits! The one point that I would make is that I prefer my beauty boxes to be a mix of different brands, so the lack of variety isn't the most ideal. However, OM SHE is a brand that I've been curious about, so huzzah!

For those wanting to try out Lust Have It, just use 'TPRINCESS' to get $5 off your very first box! 

Are you currently subscribed to Lust Have It's FaB box? Which one has been your favourite so far?

* This box was kindly provided for my consideration


  1. Beautiful products! The palette is my favorite! <3

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  2. I've never heard of SHE before, is it an australian brand?

    1. Yes! You can find it in Priceline - they've had a bit of an overhaul recently, and there are some gorgeous makeup items from them now.


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