Her Fashion Box April Review!

Ahh... Her Fashion Box... I love you so much - why do you disappoint me so with your late arrival? For anyone else who is an HFB subscriber, you would know that HFB didn't send out the April box until Sunday due to a delay with a product. They are still planning, apparently, to send the May box out on time this month, so fingers crossed that it doesn't turn up late 3 months in a row!

Let me just apologise for the quality of the pictures - I wasn't able to capture these in daytime, as I've been getting home late from work!

Still, better late than never! Temporary Princess featured in the back pages of the monthly magazine once again - it's nice to see my Instagram snaps gracing the glossy bits! I feel like Her Fashion Box has introduced me to lots of different accessories and beauty products, and it's due to this that I can't hold a grudge against them for long! That, and the customer service people have done a bang up job with me all the times I've contacted them! 

I received a Her Fashion Box tote as my free gift for completing March's survey. Sadly, this arrived ripped with a hole in it, but once I contacted the Happiness Team (as they're known), they were very apologetic and got back to me quick smart, saying that they'd send another one out.

So, what else did I get?

1) Urban Rituelle in Island Citrus - LOVE the smell of this! I'm not much of a bar soap gal, but I might have to give this a go before I pass it off to the other half!

2) Twirl Cuff - this looks and feels quite plasticky, which also means that it appears cheapish. Of all the items in my box, it's certainly not my favourite. I'll give it a go potentially this weekend, and see how it pairs with my outfit! I've been proven wrong before!

3) Cedel Hairspray in Coconut Bay - of all the items in the box, this is definitely the one I'm most excited about! Sadly, I got yet another coconut scented item. As someone who isn't keen on coconut scents (sometimes I like them, but generally, it's not my go to scent), I seem to be accumulating a fair bit of it! Can't wait to give it a spritz!

4) Arabella Socks - knee socks! I love knee socks! Flat boots with just the top peeking over it? I think so!

5) Mor Hand Creams - I received all 5 flavours of this (Honey Nectar, Neroli Clementine, Basil and Grape, Blackcurrant Iris and Sugar Rose Tiger Lily) in 5ml sachets. I actually haven't used any Mor products before, so this will be fun!

6) Manicare Nail File - nail files are always handy, and this one is a cute design. I'm just a sucker for packaging!

7) Adorn Earrings - gold and blue earrings? Yet another accessory piece I'm not 100% on, but challenge accepted!

Overall, I have some mixed feelings on the April box - this doesn't feel like a strong box for me. I'm super excited about the hairspray, but it's otherwise light on the beauty front (no makeup items?) and the accessories aren't really my thing, but time will tell. 

Have you received your box yet? What are your thoughts on it?


  1. I wouldn't be overly impressed with this month to be honest. The bangle really does look cheap, as does the gaudy gold on those earrings. not a fan of this box.

    1. I got some use out of the earrings recently - it wasn't bad once it was on.

  2. I'm not a fan of HFB because of the cheap accessories each month. I don't think I would be happy with this box either. I do like the colour of the stones in the earrings, I hope you can make them work.

    Jac x0x

    1. Already have, Jac! They looked pretty cute on when I was at the airport on Friday!

  3. I was a hit underwhelmed with this months box. They got so much negative feedback last month, I thought they would had made more of an effort, the cheap jewellery really puts me off too. I agree the the hairspray is probably the most exciting part of the box!


    1. Let's hope that May is the comeback box!

  4. I've always wanted to try a box like that. I wonder if they have them here in Switzerland... ^__^



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