Review: Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes

Happy Mondauy, my lovelies!
I hope everyone had a restful day. Due to the limitations placed by my injury, I'm currently still taking things a little easier than I normally would, so it's been a relaxing 2 days, but I have high teas to go to over the next few weekends, so yay!

Incidentally, you may have noticed that this little blog has a new layout and an official heading! Hurray! The heading is thanks to the hard work done by my brother-in-law - thank you so much! It's too cute!

I would like to talk about a new facial cleansing wipe that is currently on the market. This came my way from the lovely Miss SV, who is currently in the States (lucky ducky!), as part of a get well soon present. She's such a cutie! Here's a post I did of her a while back - see here for more!

So here it is! It comes in a pack of 25, and is alcohol and paraben free. It contains the scent of lilies, like the BB cream does, and it's said to be moisturising and also have chamomile. There's also vitamin E and aloe vera in this to help soothe the skin!

As you can see, it comes in the standard Palmer's colour.

It's not immediately obvious on the picture above, but it's a slightly textured material. Said to be able to remove waterproof mascara, I gave this a go today and was pleasantly surprised!

It removed make up efficiently and it even took off all of my mascara and the waterproof eyeliner on my waterline! The textured material was a pleasant sort of roughness, in that it was just enough to assist in taking off my make up, but not so much that it stripped skin off my face. 

The best part was the sensation that was left on my skin after I took all my make up off - my skin actually DID feel moisturised! Not as much as with the Wotnot wipes, but certainly close! Additionally, while the scent was pleasant, I would have preferred a fresher, cucumber type smell. 

These babies retail for $6.99 and they are worth checking out! 

What are your favourite wipes? Would you give these a go?


  1. Did it smell like cocoa butter? I'm still using my FOA wipes, they weren't too bad. Although I try not to use wipes excessively because they tend to dry my skin out! OH and I was meant to comment on your new lay out previously! I love the header, very cute ^_^

    1. Thanks, Lily! I'm going to have to try out the FOA ones at some point. It smells more like the BB cream, like lilies, instead of cocoa butter!

  2. Yaay, I love cocoa butter! I want to buy it :3
    Thank you for the nice review sweetie! Sounds great! : )

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    1. You should give it a try! Thanks, Rinako!


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