High Tea at Soiree, Sofitel Sydney Wentworth

Happy, tasty high tea! I'm so sorry that it's taken me until February (Shock! Horror!) to go to high tea, but there are tons of them coming up, so stay tuned for more reviews!

I headed to Soiree at the Sofitel Sydney Wentworth in the city, which, annoyingly, was having the G8 Summit there that day, so it was a little confusing to get into the place, but once we found someone who worked there and could direct us, it was easy peasy.

I thought the way they set up the reserved sign was super cute, tying it around a cocktail shaker. Soiree is a hotel bar, so as expected, there are no roses or delicate teacups, but what you'd expect to typically find - ceramic cups and teapots, with my very first sandwich tongs! Unexpected, but cute.

I really liked the way they set up the menu - concise, just enough details and a nice range of teas. One of the reasons we picked the Sofitel was because of a dietary requirement, and as they were extremely accommodating in Melbourne (see here for the Melbourne high tea at the Sofitel), I made the conclusion that they would be the same here in Sydney, and I was proven right.

As always, I ordered my usual Chamomile with a side of honey, which was brought over in a tiny jar. Incidentally, I love it when they bring it over like this - definitely one of my favourite things about high tea.

Here's the spread! As Mr Prince always says, it looks tiny, but you feel really full afterwards! I really liked that they brought out their little creations on this funky little stand. Definitely the first on it's kind that I've seen. Really did fit into the whole theme of their high tea there - sleek, modern, and different. They also took the time to go through everything on the stand with us.

Here's what we got for dessert:
Chocolate eclairs
Fruit tarts
Macaroons (honeydew? We never quite got what flavour it was - but it was tasty!)

And on the middle tier:
Opera Squares
The Wentworth Cheesecake (alternative was a jelly dome)
Raisin scones
Plain scones
Jam and cream

And we began it all with:
Roast beef on whole wheat bread with horseradish butter
Smoked salmon on ciabatta bread, cream cheese, cherry tomato, capers
Cucumber dill on white bread
Spinach and pumpkin muffins
Quiche lorraine

At the time of booking, I specified that we had a certain dietary requirement, and they were fantastic on the phone. When we got there, we found that they slipped up a little and they were incredibly apologetic, and made certain that they brought a replacement plate of chicken sandwiches for the table. They also came by a couple of times to make sure we had everything we needed. Aside from the hiccup, I couldn't fault the service at all.

The ambience was quiet and dignified, despite the craziness next door in the lobby with the summit happening, and we were able to have a lovely girly catch up, which was wonderful. Additionally, everything tasted amazing! I certainly felt that we got our money's worth, at $49 per head.

I would rate this:



  1. yum yum... all looks delicious!

  2. yum yum :) xx

    1. Scrumptious springs to mind every time I'm at a high tea!

  3. tons of high tea reviews coming up? Oh Leah, you are living the life!
    Very interesting stand! uh-oh, my stomach just grumbled.

    1. Just trying to keep my readers happy! It's hard work... Haha! I just love high teas - it's an obsession!

  4. Tea time should be just like you described. To sit, take your time and enjoy the afternoon tea :) The service looks great and I wonder how long it took you to choose from that stand ;) Yummy! xx


    1. That's exactly what tea should always be like, you're right Maja!


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