Review: Babe No.2 Coffee Body Scrub

Who doesn't like the idea of saying see ya later to their cellulite, stretch marks and awkward bits? As someone who is constantly in pursuit of a prettier and healthier self, and all around self-appointed girly girl (even though there are times when I have to be a little bit gross for my job, hence 'Temporary Princess'), I found this product that I received in my January Her Fashion Box to sound promising.

Introducing the Babe No.2 Coffee Body Scrub! The label claims that it will, and I quote,"Say goodbye to cellulite, lumps, bumps & stretch marks and hello to silky smooth hotness". We'll see if it lives up to those claims! Let's have a closer look at the ingredients and just what's in the little sachet.

It's a sample size 30 grams, and just by shaking the sachet, there's enough for about 3 rounds in the shower, particularly if I grab only a handful, as instructed on the packet - although I don't think I will follow the other bits, where it's suggested that I hop into the shower with my lover, bestie, or both - there's only so much of the product and I'm definitely not sharing!

Ingredients include virgin roasted and ground coffee beans, sweet almond oils, essential oils, sugar and mineral salts. Certainly, at first glance, there isn't anything nasty or scary, but rather ingredients that you'd expect to find at breakfast.

Here's what's in the packet when you first open it. The good thing about this is that it's packaged so that you can reseal the packet like a sandwich bag, making it perfect for me to take only a small amount into the shower without getting it all wet. The smell that's immediately apparent when opening the bag was a mix of coffee, and a sweet soap-like scent.

The main ingredient of the bag inspired the container I chose to take into the shower with me - a little coffee cup! How entirely appropriate! 

I took about 10 grams, hopped into the shower, then proceeded as instructed - after having a thorough wash, I scrubbed in a circular motion, then left it on for 5 minutes prior to washing it off. I concentrated on the problematic areas, that while not terribly orange-peely, it's obvious when pinched or when smooshed together, and my bum (sorry, I know it's a little descriptive).

The result? Very well exfoliated, smooth skin with an almost moisturised feel to it! I wasn't expecting that at all, considering that it's an exfoliating scrub, and I expected a bit more of a squeaky clean feel, but definitely a welcome change. Additionally, I did think it helped smooth the skin and potentially even tighten it a bit. It's not entirely convincing, given that it's only been one use, but there's certainly some promise, even if it's a temporary measure (ie needing regular use), I would prefer a scrub like this over certain lotions. There's even a lingering yummy scent with this scrub!

The only drawback with this scrub would be having to do it in the shower in the Winter - 5 minutes of standing around without water would be very cold and very uncomfortable! Overall, and excellent experience, and I look forward to finishing this off!

For those seeking further information, head over to their website over here! These babies retail for $21.95 - I'm not certain about the size. What do you think of cellulite scrubs? Is this something you've tried or you'd be interested in?


  1. I must've been watching too much supernatural tv shows, when I read ingredients, I read "virgins roasted".
    If I saw it on the shelves I'd probably just dismiss it for coffee or tea, what an interesting product!

    1. Bahahahahahahaha!!!!! I get that - I'd totally do a double take in the toiletries aisle!

  2. Looks good! I love these ingredients (breakfast for the body) :'D

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    1. That's it! Breakfast for the body - a perk me up, instead of a pick me up!

  3. Hahahah ^^ Lily!! Virgins Roasted! :)
    Sounds interesting.. though I don't {get ready for it} like coffee or it's smell! I know - freak! The 5 minute wait is a little long, and certainly not ideal in winter. I'd certainly any other give cellulite scrubs a go..

    1. How on earth you get through the day without coffee and with kids is beyond me!


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