Review: Etude House I Need You! Aloe Face Mask

Hello, lovelies!
I thought I'd review this Etude House mask to kick off the first of 26 Etude House masks that I have, and a very apt one to start with as well, given that this is would be a suitable one for Summer!

A is Aloe, which is what this whole mask is about! It's supposed to give soothing relief - definitely a must after a hot day out in the sun! The number of sunburns I've seen in the last few weeks... It makes me wince every time I walk by one.

As you can see, this follows the same format as every other Etude House mask - to be left on for 15 minutes, then patted into the skin.

As you can see, it's just moist enough to keep everything wet. The serum is reasonably thick (thicker than previous Etude House ones that I've tried) and there's also a mild aloe vera scent, like you'd get when you first snap an aloe vera leaf open.

And there's the glamour shot! It's a reasonably small mask, just enough to cover my face without leaving too much material just sitting there. There's also a neat nose flap that just about covered my nose. 

When I removed the mask, I did think that the residue was a little sticky, and while it's designed to give soothing relief, I didn't use it primarily for this reason. I did think that it made my skin a little brighter, though!

On the whole, I think I'll only buy this if I need it for soothing burnt skin, but otherwise, there are better masks more suitable for my needs.

Tried any new masks lately? Would you be interested in a mask like this?


  1. Recently, I prefer homemade masks! Chocolate, rice,... They really help my hypersensitive skin... : )

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  2. I don´t tried any of that masks by Etude House but thanks for your honest review dear,
    comment to me back to keep in touch!

    1. You should give them a go, I've liked most of them so far!

  3. Great post and review dear!!!

  4. awesome review dear ! xx

  5. Sounds great for sunburn x

    1. But I'm not quite tempted enough to sunburn my face to see what it's like!


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