Review: Jordan Samuel Skin Retinol Treatment Oil

Oh, the joy of shopping! I will admit, my online browsing days are a lot less frequent than they used to be, but they aren't over, and a while back, on one of my self-indulgent treat yo'self moments, I added the Jordan Samuel Skin Retinol Treatment Oil to my basket, without knowing a single thing about it, and I was very pleasantly surprised! Read on to see how this gamble paid off!

I found this little beauty on Cult Beauty, which is a UK based website, and can I just say, the mastermind behind one of the best (if not actually THE best) advent calendars that money can buy in October. It's certainly something I'm adding to must buy list on a yearly basis, I can assure you, but I digress. Anyway, I pick up the Jordan Samuel Skin Retinol Treatment Oil as I was intrigued by this - being a big fan of retinol, I wanted to put it back into my routine, but I didn't want to give up my evening niacinamide, so this was a welcome addition. The fact that it was in oil form also meant that I could use this as the step after my serum, before using my night cream to seal it all in.

The version that I picked up is apparently a new and improved formula, which also happens to be vegan. This contains maural oil to help add moisture, while cranberry seed oil, rich in anti-oxidants, battles against free radical, as it also aids in restoring and strengthening skin. Of course, there is also retinol in it, which works as an anti-ageing agent, and helps in accelerating cellular turnover, while diminishing the appearance of fine lines. The Retinol Treatment Oil is appropriate for many skin types, including combination, dry and mature skin.

It comes in a matte black glass bottle, which contains 30 ml of product. This has a light nutty scent, which dissipates quickly, while the oil itself takes about half a minute longer to be worked into the skin properly. I love that this doesn't make me feel shiny or like an oil slick, and that it gets absorbed beautifully over time. As for the effects of the retinol itself, well, friend, let me tell you, this face oil is just lovely, and I'm about 2/3 of the way through, and I'm already sad that it's going to be finished soon! I feel like this has been helpful in reducing the appearance of fine lines around my mouth, and that it's also been good for helping my skin stay sufficiently moisturised.

This retails for about AUD $70, and you can find it over here. For my first run in with a retinol loaded oil, it has been deeply satisfying! Have you tried an oil with an active ingredient before? What's your recommendation?


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