Review: Algenist Blue Algae Vitamin C Dark Spot Correcting Peel

So, I'm not going to lie - I'm feeling a little late to the Algenist game! I wrote about their Genius Liquid Collagen Lip a while back, and I felt like I should have talked about it so much sooner, particularly given that it's such a good product. There is really no time like the present, and I'm making up for it now! I've had the pleasure of trying out the Algenist Blue Algae Vitamin C Dark Spot Correcting Peel, and I think it's something that should be added to everyone's must try list!

What is this, and why should we all give it a go? It's a resurfacing and exfoliating peel that's meant to help visibly reduce the appearance of dark spots and discoloration. The formula contains patented Alguronic Acid from algae, Vitamin C from Spirulina, Phycocyanin as the antioxidant, as well as a triple-acid complex of AHAs/BHA/PHA.This product is vegan, and has been formulated with a glycerin base, which is meant to help stabilize the pure, naturally-source and renewable Vitamin C from Spirulina. 

This comes in an opaque blue pump bottle with a clear blue cap. While it feels like the pump is working very hard, only a small amount of product comes out with each push - I can only imagine that it's because the product itself is quite thick and viscous. I find that it takes about 10 pumps to cover my facial area, and even then, it seems to be quite a thin layer, but that's totally sufficient for it to work. While it's on my skin, it can tingle a bit, but not burn. It's usually when I'm washing it off that I have to be very careful to not let any of it get into my eyes! 

Do I feel like it's worked? Yes! My skin is looking brighter and happier as a result of using this little gem regularly - the glow is real, y'all! I feel like my skin is better for it, and that while the price tag may be a little less achievable than we'd like for it to be, if it works, then be prepared to fork over some dough! Get your little paws on this gorgeous thing for $129 over at TVSN right here. What is your favourite Algenist product and which should I be trying next?

*This product was provided for editorial consideration


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