Review: Lumenis SplendorX Laser Hair Removal Part 4

Welcome back to my hair removal journey! So, I started this way back in August, and I've had 4 visits now, which means that when you're reading this, it will be just before my fifth visit to the Lumenis headquarter! I'm sure that the one question everyone is thinking is - how is this going?

Well, on my last visit to Laura, the indisputable queen of hair removal, we went over the usual spots with the Lumenis SplendorX machine - the upper lip, the underarms, the legs and my toes. I was surprised, because I thought that the pain was going to intensify over time and that I was going to get an escalation in zappy sensations, but thankfully, that wasn't the case.

As before, it tickled going up the legs, but surprisingly, less than it previously did. Going over the underarm regions was a breeze, and while there was a split second of unpleasantness around the upper lip, I honestly didn't feel a thing when Laura got down to the toes. Overall, a pretty quick and straightforward process, which was easy to endure. 
That short session has led to my hair regrowth being slow and when it does grow, it's definitely sparse and patchy and requires very little maintenance. You know it's working when you have less leg hair than an 8 year old! I was really grateful that I was getting done recently when I went to the beach, and the prep time for me to get ready to get out there was significantly halved - I mean, that's a lazy girl hack right there!
I'm really looking forward to my 5th treatment and seeing how it continues to go. The Lumenis SplendorX system really does make life easier and I've been psyched with the results so far! How often to you get your hairs lasered?

*This treatment was provided for editorial consideration


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