Review: Mane Club Hair Masks

My hair has been receiving some serious loving recently, and it's definitely loving them haircare right back! Mane Club is the newest hair care brand to reach my shower caddy, and I'm ever so happy that it  has!

Let me be up front about this and tell you that I've only used three out of the six sachets I've been given, and that's for a good reason - I don't want to use it all up and run out of them!

That said, three of them gave me enough of an idea of what the range is like, and it's definitely coming up roses! Well, they don't all smell like roses, but they do all smell amazing. While these all look like a single use type of sachet, they do house a decent amount of product in them, which means that you can use only some of the product, and still have enough for another few uses. I find, on average, each sachet to last me four uses in total. I will point out a couple of flaws to the packaging, however. 

This can get messy. Because you are essentially ripping the packet open, you have to control how you tear it, or it could result in a pretty large opening, which would make storage difficult. On top of that, I don't know how sustainable these packets are for Mother Earth, which may make it a limiting factor for me when it comes to repurchasing these beauties, which is a shame, as I really do love them!

Born and made in NYC, these hair masks are crazy edgy with the printing on the packaging - it definitely has a New York vibe to it! Each mask has a different scent, but they basically do the same thing - deep condition and love the strands they cover! Their touted scents are:

  1. Babe Alert - flirty floral: effervescent grapefruit and gardenia
  2. Wild Thang - coco-nuts: coconut milk and pineapples
  3. Cry Baby - crushed fruit: juicy apples and blood oranges
  4. Bad Attitude - sweet and spicy: peaches and white musk
  5. Expert Procrastinator - sugared dreams: desert plums and sweet lychee
  6. Cha Ching - berry rich: roses, raspberries and vanilla

All you have to do is place pile it onto the hair, then let it do it's thing for 5 minutes before washing it out, and there you have it! Soft, touchable hair that smells beautiful, and honestly, I just love, love, love the different 'flavours' they picked!

If you're thinking that these look just that little bit too fancy, don't worry, they are totally accessible and can be found at Priceline! They retail for only $3.49 each, and these make for a great treat for the tresses.

Have you heard of Mane Club? What are your thoughts on them?

*These products were provided for editorial consideration