Review: Bourjois Big Lashes Oh Oui! Mascara and Brow Fibre Oh Oui!

As far as iconic drugstore brands go, Bourjois honestly has to rank among the top 10 brands that I always reach for. It's also a brand that I tend to go hunting for whenever I'm at Priceline, which, let's face it, is somewhere that I'm at once a week, on average.
Given how much I do like the brand (little blush pots, anyone?), I was suitably delighted when I had the chance to test drive the two newbies that just came onto the market recently.

Their extreme-volume mascara, the Big Lashes Oh Oui!, comes in a glossy red tube, which houses a zigzag-fibre brush that promises to lengthen the lashes and give it volume, as it coats them while it combs. The mascara is collagen infused, and the formula allows for volume that you can build. The shape of the brush is also meant to fit the curve of the lash line, letting it comb through the lashes adequately and efficiently.

I love that this doesn't clump (goodbye, mascaras of the 90's!), and that there is minimal (but some) smudging - think more smokey, less panda, which I can definitely live with. This doesn't help with the curling when it comes to my stubborn Asian lashes, sadly, but when I've had a lash lift - watch out! This baby really fans it out for me, allowing for a brighter-eyed, bushier tailed (lashed?) look. I feel I get more volume than length with this, and it has to be one of my (if not the absolute) favourite mascaras from Bourjois so far! This retails for $23 and can be found at Priceline.

I was more excited to try out their Brow Fiber Oh Oui!, because I'm brow-obsessed, like the rest of the modern world when it comes to makeup these days. This boasts the ability to create fuller, natural looking brows by filling and taming them with the fibre-enriched gel formula. Available in three shades, blonde, chestnut and brown, they retail for $23 each, and like the mascara, are exclusive to Priceline.

This is their first all-in-one brow mascara with fibre from Bourjois, and I love that they thought to make the applicator a small, tapered, mini-brush, which allows for easier application and deposition of product onto the brows themselves. I've seen some really fat spoolies masquerading as applicators, and those just never work, and this one does a good job of it.

Given that my brows were victims of the 90's trend (au revoir brows, bonjour patchiness), they can be tricky to work with when using brow fibre-type product as the sole medium, and sadly, I didn't find the coverage of this to be quite as good on it's own as I would have liked. That said, as an adjunct to a brow palette or pencil, this allowed for fuller looking brows, and I also liked that it had a decent wear time, going from early in the morning, to the evening when knocking off work. Given the number of cats my face rubs up against at work, it's generally miraculous that there's any makeup left on by the end of the day, so I'm grateful for that! Overall, it's a good first effort from Bourjois, and one that I'm pleased to have trialled.

Swing by the Bourjois stand at Priceline and check them out for yourself! What's your favourite Bourjois product and why?

*These products were provided for editorial consideration