Review: Philosophy Time In A Bottle Eye Serum

As much as they've innovated, and created, and invented, there's nothing to stop the passing, and the effects, of time. It is then somewhat apt that Philosophy came up with an eye serum called the Time In A Bottle Eye Serum, and while it doesn't have any magical powers, this does do a good job of slowing the toll that time can take on the skin.

This comes in an opaque bottle that has a cap that you can pull off, a little too easily for my liking, I have to say. I found the cap to not sit on the rest of the bottle as tightly as I would have appreciated, and it slipped off a lot of the time when I went to grab the bottle. That one design flaw aside, I will also say that I didn't hugely like that I couldn't tell how much or how little product I had left in the bottle, and when I ran out (yes, you read that right!), I was surprise, as given the weight of the bottle, I thought there was still a bit of product left.

Now that we have all the unpleasantries out of the way, however, we can chat about everything that I liked about the product, and really, that's just about everything else! The bottle contains about 15 ml of serum and retails for $79. It is easy and not at all messy to get the product out of the bottle with the firm pump that is provided, and each push gives you sufficient product for both undereye regions.

Ingredients in the serum include caffeine, gingko biloba leaf extract, horse chestnut seed extract, camellia sinensi leaf extract, among other things. Put together, these are designed to reduce puffiness while repairing skin damage and brightening the undereye area to help contribute to looking more awake. That I actually finished the bottle should give you some indication of how much I really enjoyed using it, but for the sake of this review, I'll be a little more descriptive! The serum is thin, and does spread over the skin really nicely and gets absorbed really well with a bit of patting down. I found this to do a good job of hydrating the skin and keeping it wrinkle free, which is no easy feat, considering the amount of time of spend squinting at blue screens!

For those who are keen to try this for themselves, you can pick up a bottle from retailers such as David Jones, or online at Adore Beauty. If you're looking for more information on it, you can head to their website.

What's your favourite eye serum and why?

*This product was provided for editorial consideration