Review: Frank Body Hair Duo Kit

Frank makes me very happy in the shower. And by Frank, I mean Frank Body, of course! I love their scrubs, and I wish that I still had some of that limited edition shimmer scrub, which smelled amazing, and looked awesome on the skin - I'm a sucker for anything shiny!

We're here to talk about Frank Body today, but it's not like anything you've seen from the brand before, and one of them is something that I've never even thought of using previously. That said, their introduction into my shower caddy has heralded a new era of hair care for me, and I'm here to initiate you into the club!

They have now released a hair duo, which can be purchased separately, or together as a kit. Designed to help with hair growth, strengthening and just overall hair health and shine, the kit is compose of the Stimulating Scalp Scrub and the Go Longer Hair Mask.

Ingredients found in the the scalp scrub include green coffee, rosemary, eucalyptus and peppermint. The green coffee is chock full of fatty acids and antioxidants, and it's meant to help with stimulating the hair follicles, as is the eucalyptus. The rosemary promotes hair growth while improving circulation, which the peppermint contributes to as well.

You're just meant to squeeze out a pea sized dollop, and massage it all over your scalp. It can be a little tricky for the babes with long hair (aka me), but persist and you'll find a scrubbing pattern that works for you! I like how pepperminty this feels on the scalp, and I love the concept that you're helping remove product build up on the roots. I haven't seen a huge improvement in hair growth at this point, but it's early days for me, and I'm going to see how this whole tube goes. For those who are concerned, this is easy to wash out of your hair, despite how it might feel. Just scrub, shampoo and go! This retails for $18.95 for 125 ml.

The Go Longer Hair Mask has to be the real MVP of the duo, however, and I'm absolutely head over heels in love with it! This retails for $16.95 for 125 ml, and has key ingredients such as comfrey root, caffeine, niacinamide and hydrolysed keratin. This is also supposed to have natural DHT blockers to help encourage hair growth. They come together to stimulate hair follicles, restore moisture to the tresses, increase the shine factor, reduce breakage, frizz and soften the hair. In short, it is the Winter coat that your hair will be needing this coming season!

My hair feels incredible after I've had the chance to use this - all you need is a coin sized bit of mask. It is immediately softer, smoother and has a lightness to it that I appreciate. It is recommended that you use them twice weekly.

This cruelty free, Aussie made brand has the duo selling for $34.95 and can be found at Frank Body over here, and in store at Mecca Maxima.

Have you heard of a scalp scrub before? Would you try it?

*These products were provided for editorial consideration