Review: L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation and Primers

I don't know how to tell you babes this, but if you're into a glowy base, then you'd best look at getting some dough, because you're gonna need to splash out on L'Oreal's latest releases!

L'Oreal's latest goodies have hit our shores, and I have been furiously trying them out in order to report back to you about how they've held up, and I'm so excited to have a chat about them today!

Containing SPF 15, this foundation gives me a sheer to medium coverage, which is buildable, and comes in a tube with a cap that can be removed. It has a relatively watery consistency to it, which makes it lighter than I thought it would be. This is recommended for normal to dry skin and comes in a total of 6 shades. These are:
  • Classic Ivory
  • Creamy Natural
  • Nude Beige
  • Natural Buff
  • Sand Beige
  • Sun Beige

They retail for $27.95, and currently, I'm between a Natural Buff and Sand Beige. These are meant to provide 24 hour coverage, which I haven't quite tested out, despite my efforts, but I can tell you that it holds up to my scrutiny after at least 15 hours, during which 3 hours were allocated to pole dancing. 

I love that these don't just provide me with a dewy finish, but that they can be combined with their latest primers to fine tune the base to just how you'd like it! I have now tried them with their primers, which retail for $25.95, and they are:
  • Infallible Luminising Primer - Can be strategically placed on various spots to create glow where you'd like it, or just all over the face. Personally, I found the finish to be incredibly radiant, and while I loved it, I don't think it's one that would work on everyone, particularly my oily babes,  because I feel like the finish might make you a little self conscious about how it's a little too shiny in certain spots. The glow is crazy amazing, though, and this combination is one I love for those long days at work.
  • Infallible Mattifying Primer - Speaking of my oily babes, this one is meant to be good for those that need a bit of extra help with slick control. I did try it out, despite not having oily skin, and I found this to keep a subtle glow. The primer actually felt quite smooth and soothing. Something that chicks with oily skin should consider!
  • Infallible Anti-Redness Primer - I don't suffer from redness, but I did quite like the texture of this primer! I'd love to hear from the girls (and boys!) that do, so hit me up if you've had the chance to use this to help even out your skin tone! 

They have also released a range of brushes, pictured here, that I'm looking forward to breaking into. Overall, a collection that I'm excited about using, and one that I'm currently loving! They are stocked wherever L'Oreal can be found! You know where I'd suggest you head to... That's right - Priceline!

Have you tried any of this range yet? What are you excited about trying?

*These products were provided for editorial consideration