Review: Le Tan Liquid Sun Tanning Drops

Are you like me, where you tan really nicely, but can't seem to get your face to catch up quite as well? Or perhaps, you're more cautious about the sun hitting your face, as the ageing process is much more marked in that area? The Think Tank over at Le Tan obviously have considered this as well, and their Liquid Sun Tanning Drops is the answer to all that!

This little dark brown dropper bottle contains 12.5 ml of product, and while it's really quite easy to get the oil out, I did hit a bit of a snag when I accidentally fumbled it and spilled half the bottle in the bathroom! My clumsiness aside, the design of the bottle does make sense, as the number of drops you use is dependent on how dark you'd like for your face to get. I've personally been leaning towards a much darker shade, as my arms and upper body get a lot of incidental sunshine, which means that my face does need to catch up a bit, just in general!

You're meant to mix the number of drops you're keen on with your moisturiser, then rub it into your skin. I did try it once without the lotion, and while it got absorbed really quickly, I found that my skin actually itched a little, and felt surprisingly drier than I would have thought. I've been using this steadily for about 2 weeks, and I can tell you this - I'll certainly be buying a bottle of this in the not too distant future!

This has given me a streak free, glowing complexion, and there isn't a hint of orange in there! This has also given me the opportunity to use my darker foundations, most of which don't get finished, as I go through a surprisingly wide range of shades in a year. I'm so happy I now have a solution to it!

Are you keen on fake baking your face and/or body? Would you try this product?

*This product was provided for editorial consideration