Review: Eye of Horus Bio Lipsticks

Left to right: Inanna and Artemis

Eye of Horus is one of those brands that has caught me by surprise - while their range is quite modest, there's definitely a lot to love about them! Not least of all is their Bio Lipstick collection - these little babies are beautiful on the lips!

There are 6 shades in the range, and oh God, I wish there were more colours! That said, these are all infinitely wearable lipsticks that people can put on daily, and while the 2 shades that I own are definitely ones that I apply regularly, I can pull off all 6 of these lipsticks. How great is that? 

Left to right: Inanna and Artemis

These lipsticks retails for $34.95 each, and they contain a combination of organic and natural ingredients, such as sunflower, olive and castor oils with vitamin C and E, as well as oil made from sea algae for plumping the lips. These are beautifully creamy, and they glide on easily. I love that they are also quite pigmented, given that these aren't particularly dark shades. These are also unique in that they come in eco friendly recyclable biodegradable card containers. I love that these are cruelty free and vegan friendly - win win for all the babes out there who are into doing the best for our little furry friends!

If you're after a lip range that is good, not just for your FOTD or lips, but also for the little furry babes they haven't been tested on, then you need to head here to have a look

What's your favourite Eye of Horus product? Which lipstick shade would you pick?

*These products were provided for editorial consideration