Review: Biore Blemish Clearing Scrub

 While I'm not prone to acne breakouts, I do tend to get a little oily over the Summer, what with all the sweat, humidity and heat - attractive, am I right? That said, I occasionally need a little something to help keep the grease under control, and Biore's Blemish Clearing Scrub has been helping with that!

This comes in a tube with a flip lid, which makes getting the product out of it relatively easy (if a little tricky towards the end). This is really targeted for people that get blemishes, so while I have really normal skin, I tend to reach for this on the super hot and oily days. I find the granules to be a little bigger than what I'm generally accustomed to, and this doesn't feel particularly harsh on my skin. It does, however, dry out my face a little bit, so make sure that you do moisturise afterwards. The scent is also nice and light, and doesn't tend to linger or overpower. 

I do currently use this on an as-is-necessary basis, and while I find it helpful for my needs, this is a little too harsh for my skin to be used daily. However, it does suit my purposes, and at $9.99 for 130 ml, this won't break the bank, acting as my occasional Summer scrub! You can find it where Biore is stocked, including Priceline.

What kind of skin do you have? What's your preferred sort of scrub?

*This product was provided for editorial consideration