Review: Maybelline Tattoo Brow Gel Tint

Dear readers, I feel like I have to apologise. Sometimes, I enjoy a product so much that it takes me a while to write it up, and the product in question is the Maybelline Tattoo Brow Gel Tint! 
Maybelline's Tattoo Brow Gel Tint is so incredibly easy to use, and the results are so good, it's hard to argue with NOT using this product!

What exactly are you supposed to do with it?  Well, all you have to do is paint over your brows, and the skin around it, if that's what you wish to tint, let it sit for 20 minutes, then slowly peel it off with the direction of the hair growth and voila! You have freshly tinted brows that won't rub off! While it says that it can last up to 72 hours, I don't find the strength of the tint to go longer than 2 days on me, but that's a sufficient amount of time.

This comes in 4 different shades - Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown and Grey Brown. For my skin tone, Dark Brown seems to work really well. As the tint fades, it also doesn't turn a funny colour. I love that the brush is small and pliable enough that it covers just what you'd like to cover, which means your chances of 'colouring outside the lines' are small. And, if you're wondering, no, it doesn't take any of my hair off, so it's super safe to use!

For $24.95, you can find this amazing new product where Maybelline is sold, including Priceline. I love it so much, I already have a back up for it!

If you've already tried this, I'd love to hear your thoughts! Have you heard of gel tints for the brows before?

*This product was provided for editorial consideration