Review: Clean & Pure Lip Balms

I was sick recently, and I don't know about you, but my lips always feel incredibly dry when I'm unwell, no matter how much water I've been chugging! Thankfully for me, I was just introduced to Clean & Pure Lip Balms at around the same time, and it was just the saviour for my lips!

Their primary ingredient is extra virgin olive oil, obtained from plants grown in Queensland and Victoria. They also get honey from Queensland Manuka honey bee hives, as well as Australian essential oils.

There are 6 flavours to pick from:
1) Vanilla
2) Pawpaw
3) Manuka Honey
4) Tinted Rose
5) Peppermint
6) Cocoa Butter

While each one brings something a little different to the table, they all provide a nice wallop of hydration to the lips that sinks in, rather than merely coating them in a layer of product. I like the Vanilla for easy daily hydration, Peppermint for a bit of something refreshing and tingly, Tinted Rose for a hint of colour, and Cocoa Butter for intense moisture - such as when you're sick and in need of an extra boost. 

These retail for $6 each, and they can be found online over here. I love that these babies don't contain more than the bare minimum, and that they work so incredibly well on me. I have one living in my handbag at all times, and it's been just awesome. They don't feel greasy, and they hydrate so nicely - I just love them!

Have you heard of Clean & Pure before? Which lip balm would you try first?

*These products were provided for editorial consideration