Review: Skindinavia Post Makeup Recovery Spray

Skindinavia is a brand that I've been very familiar with for ages, and for a good reason! They make one of my favourite finishing sprays, which really locks that makeup in place, and hence, I was pretty excited when I heard that they'd made a Post Makeup Recovery Spray! 

What exactly does the Post Makeup Recovery Spray do? This is meant to keep the skin clear, and it can be used between makeup applications, or within 5 minutes of taking off your makeup. It contains zinc, which reduces oil production, preventing the pores from getting clogged. This comes in two sizes, 20 ml and 118 ml, and retails for $15.60 and $36 respectively. I love that this comes in the same packaging as their finishing spray, and the nozzle disperses a fine mist of product.

I really like using it as a bit of a pick me up for the skin after a long day of makeup wear, and also to refresh the skin prior to the reapplication of makeup. This definitely makes my skin feel more 'cleansed' and I almost feel like it helps a bit with smoother reapplication of makeup after a big day.

Another excellent product from Skindinavia, and one I'm incorporating into my routine on a regular basis!

Have you tried anything from Skindinavia before? What's your favourite product by them?

*This product was provided for editorial consideration