How To: Save Space While Packing For Your Trip Part 1 (Travel 2)

Chances are, you have travelled before, and you're likely to do so again. However, do you tend to over pack, 'just in case' you were to run out of your favourite products while you're away? Me too! I tend to overdo it, so that I end up regretting it on my way back, when I'm ladened down with lots of new goodies, and dreading the airport scales.

Thankfully, I have learned to fine tune this habit over the years, and improved on it (although I do backslide from time to time), and I am here to impart that wisdom onto you and tell you all about the cutest little travel sized goodies that are available on the market!

Skincare for your face:
Ultraceuticals now has cute little travel size (or, as I like to think of it, trial sized) products that you can pack into your bag to prevent your skin from resembling a raisin. How great is that? As you guys might know, I'm a massive Ultraceuticals fan, so this delights me. This contains 5 products, including a gel cleanser, hydrating serum, protective antioxidant complex, hydrating lotion and protective daily moisturiser. They come in this gorgeous silver pouch, which is a generous size, and great for piling other products into.

Medik8 is a brand that's new to me, but one that I've seen kicking around on Instagram a lot, so naturally, I'm excited to try their ageing starter kit, which has 4 products. This has a foaming cleanser, vitamin C antioxidant serum and two serums. They come packed in a neat quilted zip pouch - great for having this on your flight!

Enbacci also has an adorable kit containing 3 products - their gel cleanser, rejuvenating essence and essential creme. I love that they are a Melbourne based brand, and that the boss of the company works with her mom, and they are just lovely!

If you're looking for something that might pull double duty, Harvest Garden has an Organic Facial and Eye Serum. The oils in this solution will hydrate the skin in no time! Speaking of double duty, how about sunscreen and a base all in one? Sunsense has a daily face invisible tint finish that has SPF 50+ - protects your face, creates your base - what's not to like?

Skincare for your body:
Always make sure you know what the climate of the place you're jetting off to is like before you go, as that will affect the type of body lotion you grab. For example, if you're landing somewhere Summery, make sure you pick a light lotion that will get absorbed quickly. Somewhere cold? Definitely go for something thicker and richer.

Given that it's Summer where I'm headed, Natralus is definitely one of my best bets, as this gets absorbed quick smart, and their Intensive Skin Therapy lotion comes in 3 sizes, which means you can absolutely take this wherever you're going! Speaking of Natralus, they also have an Aloe Vera gel in the same sizes (great for sunburns!), and an Ultra Skin Repair, which is a gel that rocks for all the pesky little things, like rashes and windburn.

Don't forget to scrub the day away after you've been out and about for hours! Harvest Garden has a gorgeous Coffee Body Scrub, which comes in a resealable pack. They also have something that my husband would truly appreciate - 12 slices of their body soaps in a small pack. No chances of leakage, and eco friendly (no small bits of packaging to deal with).

Personal care:
The easiest way to get rid of hair while I'm on the go is, you guessed it, shaving! Their Hydro Silk disposables will ensure that I stay silky smooth and hairless. Perfect!

Keeping my hair in shape is sometimes difficult on holidays, but brushes like this one from Dessata certainly helps with this! This helps to detangle the tresses and I love that this has recyclable product written on the packaging.

Just because you're on holidays doesn't mean that you can take a break from cleaning your brushes - the bacteria will still build up on it! BYS makes cleansing brush wipes so that you can stop them from getting grubby. These are appropriate for both synthetic and natural hair brushes.

Here are more tips to keep in mind from some of my best blogger babes:

"Download the area in Google Maps so you can access it offline when you're travelling." - Lily at Lily Not Louise

"Always ask the locals for restaurant or activities suggestions! That way, you get the local flavour/perspective and you won't get ripped off by something meant for tourists." - Nalini at The Madeup Maiden

"Make sure you always travel insurance and always have enough money in case something goes wrong. It might be tempting to buy those cheap flights to Bali, and yell YOLO because that's your savings gone, but what happens when you get stuck there because there's a volcano eruption, and suddenly you need accommodation for a few more nights? YOLO won't save you then!" - Melissa at The Fanciful Fun Girl

There's still more to come, so stay tuned for the last installment of this travel series! Has this inspired you to start looking at going away yet? What's your favourite travel product?

*These products were provided for editorial consideration


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